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Erdaozhuang 3000 t/h Sand & Aggregates Project of Qixian Hengyuan Mining Co., Ltd.


Name: Erdaozhuang 3000 t/h Sand & Aggregates Project of Qi County Hengyuan Mining Co., Ltd.

Location: Qi County, Hebi City, Henan Province

Capacity: 3000 t/h

Equipment: 4 sets of HS1523S impact crushers, 3 sets of linear screens


The 3000 t/h sand & aggregates project of Erdaozhuang of Qi County Hengyuan Mining Co., Ltd. adopts the EPCO general contracting mode, which is designed by PowerChina Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited, design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and constructed and operated by Sinohydro Bureau 9 Co., Ltd.

The project adopts domestic advanced semi-dry production process, with a processing capacity of 3000 t/h. The system uses 4 sets of impact crushers and 3 sets of linear screens from NMS. NMS HS1523S impact crusher adopts intelligent control, with low equipment operation and maintenance cost, low maintenance frequency, large processing capacity and reduction ratio, and uniform size of finished products. At present, the finished products of the project mainly include 0-5mm fine sand and ordinary sand, 5-10mm, 10-20mm and 20-31.5mm fine aggregates. The product quality has been praised by the market. On average, 1500-1700 vehicles transport sand and aggregates to the site every day.

In terms of service, from consultation to scheme design, on-site visit, to goods preparation, delivery and after-sales, NMS engineers responded promptly and provided thoughtful services, providing professional technical support for customers.


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