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Green Development & Win-win Cooperation – NMS Was Invited to Attend 2020 Key Project Promotion Meeting of Shaanxi New Building Materials Federation


Figure 1: The Meeting on the Spot

On January 11, 2020, 2020 Key Project Promotion Meeting of Shaanxi New Building Materials Federation kicked was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. This meeting was hosted by China Sand-Stone Association and Shaanxi Building Materials Federation, and organized by Shaanxi Coal Chemical and New Material Group Co., Ltd. The theme of this meeting was “Green Development and Win-win Cooperation”. With relevant government personnel, famous industry experts and leaders of leading corporations invited, the meeting provided the government, corporations and customers with a platform to communicate and collaborate and a chance to share the fruits and opportunities of development. The meeting mainly promoted the development and utilization projects of aggregate resources in Tongchuan, Hancheng, Fuping, Jingyang and Ganxian. President Li Shunshan of NMS, which has supplied the complete set of crushing and screening equipment for Fuping and Jingyang projects, was invited to attend the meeting.


Figure 2: The Meeting on the Spot

During the meeting, guests from China Sand-Stone Association, Shaanxi Building Materials Federation, Shaanxi Coal Chemical and New Material Group Co., Ltd. and Jingyang county government made speeches. Brilliant performances were also arranged in the meeting. Cheng Bozhi, a singer from Xi’an was selected to get on the stage by NMS and brought his famous song and latest single Xi’an dialects to the audience. His catchy melody and detailed description of the local life made the audience feel the slower living pace in the city. Lucky draw activities were also interwoven in the meeting and NMS President Li Shunshan was invited to draw the lucky person. During the VCR broadcast part of the meeting, NMS staff responsible for Fuping project sent greetings to everyone in the meeting via video from the project site.  

 It is reported that in order to better achieve green development, in addition to introducing new-energy tramcars, Fuping project of Shaanxi Coal Chemical and New Material Group also established a special account for funds used for mine environmental protection and land reclamation. The project has invested more than 20 million yuan to conduct whole sealing dust collection for the production line and real-time monitoring of various indicators. Currently, Fuping project has become a banner for the transforming and upgrading of the sandstone and aggregate industry in Shaanxi Province, and a sample for taking the road of constructing green mine and building ecological civilization.

NMS has begun to provide processing and operation services for Fuping project since 2019, including main equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, grizzly feeder, vibration screen, etc. The construction and operation of the project adopts EPC mode, and the project output reaches 1300 tons/hour. Having reliable technical, technological and service professionals, NMS has been skilled in integrated operation and localized service, and provided necessary inspection, research and review support for Fuping project so as to improve safety, reliability, operation rate and productivity. The evaluation service of NMS helps to improve the overall operation level by identifying risk areas and narrowing performance gaps. It uses comprehensive and in-depth data to make decisions for the project and finds the most effective method to improve the operation efficiency. The operation service offered by NMS ensured the normal operation and process optimization of the project, and ways to continuously improve the operation performance. The defect elimination work was completed within one month after entering the project site, and the capacity and production meet the requirements.

In the future, NMS will continue to uphold the core value of “being committed to sustainable development” and will continue to make every effort to build standardized green mining in strict accordance with the requirements of safety and environmental protection standards, so as to realize “green development and win-win cooperation”!

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