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PhD Research Starts for Continuous Improvement for NMS Inventory Management


On September 11, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) held the opening report of researchers of PhD research and innovation center. Dr. Wang Xin, from the School of Business Administration of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, who is introduced by PhD research and innovation center of NMS, reported his research “Research on Inventory Classification Management Strategy of Discrete Manufacturing Enterprise”. As he reported, the research would take NMS as an example to investigate the inventory characteristics of discrete manufacturing enterprise and take corresponding management strategies for different types of inventory systems by clarifying and defining the composition and status of its inventory materials.

The implementation of the research will help NMS carry out reasonable classification for inventory materials, optimize enterprise inventory management and improve capital flow rate. Also, it is helpful to establish a simple and effective multi-index inventory classification method to provide more methods for the research, provide reference for inventory classification management of the whole discrete manufacturing enterprise group as well as making up for the lack of classification management strategy for the current research.

The committee of experts was making suggestions

In the end, the committee of experts showed the suggestions and thought that the research had critical theoretical and practical significance, and approved the research unanimously.

This opening report has played a positive role in guiding and leading the research task. With the further development of the research, NMS inventory management will be significantly improved, and simultaneously, it will promote the overall optimization of NMS supply chain management and inject power into the enterprise for sustainable development!

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