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Visiting Group of Changchun Shenghe Old-style Private School Visited NMS


On November 16, the visiting group of Changchun Shenghe old-style private school visited Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) for visit, inspection and communication.

Group photo of school members and NMS equipment

In the meeting, Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS made a speech entitled “Inamori’s Business Philosophy and Thinking on the Development of NMS”. Starting from his own learning and working experience, he elaborated on the process and understanding of his relationship with Inamori’s business philosophy.

NMS has gone through 50 years’ development. The development and inheritance of enterprises is the inheritance of correct business philosophy and excellent corporate culture. The decision making of operation, choice, construction of corporate culture, social responsibility and many other aspects contain the great wisdom of philosophy, and the operation of enterprises is more forward-looking and strategic because of the philosophy.

Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS

Because of this, NMS takes “quality benchmark of the industry, model of happiness enterprise, international well-known brand” as its enterprise vision, and integrates the construction of philosophy system into the enterprise management and cultural construction. “Improve the mind and expand the operation”, carry out the activity of learning Inamori philosophy for all the staff, advocate the concept of “all staff’s material and mental happiness”, set up the happy enterprise construction committee and implement happy family activity. At the same time, adhering to the business philosophies of “as a person, what is right” and “altruism”, actively practicing social responsibility through helping poor students, donating materials and so on, and shouldering proper social responsibility. NMS spares no effort to provide customers with superior products and efficient service and solutions, thus it wins more opportunities to cooperate with well-known enterprises home and abroad. In 2015, NMS encountered the situation that the sales performance showed negative growth. The “success formula”, “12 operation principles” and “5 measures to overcome the depression” in Inamori’s business philosophy provided effective support for the enterprise to survive the difficult times.

Chairman Li Shunshan believed that the driving force for the development of NMS lied in following the general trend of national and industrial development, and it was good at grasping opportunities, formulating correct measures, working hard, dedicating selflessly and acquiring core talents. “Enterprise success was the same as life success.” Enterprise success was the same as success in life. The success equation of life was equal to thinking ability multiplied by ability and enthusiasm. The realization of enterprise mission and vision was the product of business decision-making, resources and performance evaluation.” In order to achieve better development, the enterprise must make clear the purpose of the enterprise, constantly interpret and refine the mission, vision and core values of the enterprise; the enterprise should grasp the general situation and seize the opportunity to benefit the country, the people and the industry; the enterprise had to improve business decision-making ability, and establish the market, product and profit models; the enterprise should pay attention to the introduction of scientific management tools, the establishment of talent evaluation (performance) system and talent cultivation system to improve the scientific nature of corporate governance and decision-making.

Wang Shujiang, Director of Changchun Shenghe old-style private school

During the meeting, Wang Shujiang, Director of Changchun Shenghe old-style private school, said that he learned a lot this time. Through the visit, it could be seen that NMS was down-to-earth and was profound inside, so its success was inevitable. Any success was accumulated by all efforts. As the management, it was necessary to integrate personal mission into enterprise and enhance personal sense of mission so that the enterprise could realize the long-term development.

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