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NMS Brought New Products for the Two-year-appointment. NMS Lived Up to People’s Expectation in bauma CHINA 2020!


From November 24 to 27, the eye-catching biennial Shanghai International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as “bauma CHINA”) opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme of the fair is “go steady, go far, win the future”.

Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) brought two sets of equipment which were VSD dual chamber vertical shaft impact crusher and HFS/V hydraulic high-frequency screen to the fair to fully show its advanced technical achievements to provide more efficient product service options for mine purchasers and reproduce the style of China’s mining machinery!

Yang Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary General of China Aggregates Association visited NMS booth (row two, third from left)

During the event, Gong Youliang, President of NMS was interviewed by the column “Pin Zhi” of bauma CHINA and China Machinery Industry Information Institute (CMIII). In the interview, he said that NMS has been participating in the exhibition since 2006 and has never been absent in any case.

One equipment that NMS took to bauma CHINA this year was dual chamber vertical shaft impact crusher, which was based on the single chamber for technical transformation and upgrading. According to the sand-making effect analysis of the original single chamber VS impact crusher, there was no vertical shaft impact crusher with sand production rate greater than 35% in China. However, with our technological innovation and transformation, the dual chamber vertical shaft impact crusher was with two chambers at the top and the bottom, and one main shaft, the stones were hit repeatedly. The whole sand-forming rate was increased by more than 50% than before. This was the core product of sand making of NMS, and the main body was used in our sand-making tower. The other was hydraulic high-frequency screen which was also combined with the difficult screening materials in the sand-making industry, such as high-frequency, low amplitude, fixed screen frame and vibration mesh products, which had been widely used in the fine sand processing in sand making.

VSD dual chamber vertical shaft impact crusher (left) and HFS/V hydraulic high-frequency screen (right)

The sand-making tower was the highly concentrated sand-making equipment and its requirement was that the circulating load must be low. NMS integrated its core products into sand-making tower, so the sand forming, space and construction area were much smaller, but capacity and efficiency were much higher. Hence, the market prospect of two products was very broad. Currently, two products has been widely used in the sand-making tower.

“Optimize customers’ interests to achieve the win-win is the driving force for NMS to continuously carry out product innovation.” NMS abandons many exhibitions in the world due to the epidemic this year, but we don’t stop the publicity and innovation. The innovation of NMS is well-known in the industry. September 29 is our innovation day every year, we show the innovations of the previous year to the whole company and society, and at the same time, summarize the direction of scientific research projects and innovation ideas for the coming year. Therefore, every bauma CHINA, other domestic and overseas exhibitions, NMS has put new technologies and products into the market. In the future, NMS will continue to be committed to innovating, focusing on market demand as well as customers’ economic benefits and investment returns, and providing customers with superior products and service.

Show the will with science and technology, and build the cornerstone with wisdom. With the platform of bauma CHINA, we have shown the world a new level of intellectualization of NMS, and we have also learned in the communication and developed in the learning to improve with the engineering machinery industry together. Bauma CHINA 2020 ends successfully. We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2022!

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