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“Gratitude & Diligence for Intelligent Future” Salute to NMS 50th Anniversary passionately


On December 20, 50th anniversary celebration of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) and the annual summary & commendation conference was held in Nanchang. The theme of the event was “gratitude & diligence for intelligent future”.

Yang Wenbin, Member of the Standing Committee of Nanchang Municipal Committee & Standing Vice Mayor of the People’s Government of Nanchang Municipality, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He mentioned that after 50 years’ hard work, NMS has developed from a manual workshop to a large-scale modern enterprise and industry leading enterprise with a number of core technologies. Its products were exported to more than 60 countries such as the United States, Russia, South Africa and Pakistan. In recent years, it has maintained an average annual double-digit high-speed growth. This year, especially novel coronavirus has a negative impact. However, NMS has been in the opposite direction. The sales and tax volumes both surpass the same period last year. At the beginning of the epidemic, the total amount of aid was donated to Hubei Province and Nanchang Red Cross, which fully demonstrated social responsibilities of enterprise and gained the title of “provincial outstanding enterprises for novel coronavirus prevention and control”.

He said “never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished”. This was a prominent sentence on the corporate culture wall of NMS. He hoped NMS would take the 50th anniversary celebration as an opportunity and power, carry forward excellent tradition and style in the past 50 years, make unremitting efforts to speed up the listing pace of enterprise, continue to write a new chapter, create new brilliance, and make greater contribution to the high-quality leap development of the city’s economy.

Gong Zhiqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Wanli Administrative Bureau of Nanchang City & Director of Wanli Administrative Bureau said that after 50 years of unity and hard work, NMS had made outstanding contributions to national construction and development of Wanli. We sincerely hoped that NMS would seize the opportunity of the 50th anniversary, firmly grasped the tide of the new scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, made new change in the crisis, opened up a new situation in the changing situation, responded to new challenges, opened up new ideas and new situations with a enterprising spirit, and strived to be quality benchmark of the industry, model of happiness enterprise, international well-known brand.

It was our bounden duty to serve the enterprises and it was our solemn mission to help them out. The bureau would take more resolute, vigorous and practical measures to support and help NMS and other enterprises to seek great development and write a new chapter, let the majority of enterprises in Wanli do business more conveniently and more prosperous so that the entrepreneurs felt more at ease, development more at ease and the life more comfortable.

Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS introduced in his speech that 50 years ago, NMS was born with the sound of firecrackers. It was the wish of all founders to “run the enterprise well and protect the employees well” at that time. NMS bosses such as Luo Chahua, Gan Dengtan and Gong Youliang all adhered to this original intention and devoted themselves to the enterprise, sacrificing themselves for NMS.

He expressed his gratitude to all employees, customers, partners and colleagues who have supported the development of NMS. He hoped that NMS would unite sincerely and help each other and pay no less than others under the mission of “pursue innovation and excellence; be committed to healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable development and maximum value of resources in mining industry.” to achieve the vision of “quality benchmark of the industry, model of happiness enterprise and international well-known brand” so as to realize NMS dream and Chinese dream as soon as possible.

Gong Youliang, President of NMS pointed out in his speech at the dinner that today is the 50th anniversary of NMS. Reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, we could have a better understanding of company history, be more proud of it, and be more confident about its future.

So many friends and senior leaders came to the anniversary. You had devoted your passion and youth to the company, which had laid a good foundation for NMS today’s development. It was your concern, help and strong support from leaders at all levels of the government, senior leaders and friends from all walks of life that had led to the vigorous development of NMS for 50 years. With customers and partners all over the country, it was your sincerity to create a beautiful situation of mutual benefit and win-win development. On behalf of NMS, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and respect to all the leaders, customers and friends who care, support and help the development of the company!

The whole celebration was composed of five chapters, which were the Prelude, “Building a foundation through hard work”, “Forging ahead in a new way”, ” Sail through the wind and waves” and “Walking steadily and pursuing dreams bravely”. Through the innovative art display of documentary short film and stage performances, they fully showed the ups and downs of NMS establishment and development in the past 50 years, and deeply reflected the pioneering and development course that NMS had experienced with generations of constructors, who worked hard and dared to be the first in the world. They also fully conveyed the spirit of striving, pioneering and actively innovating shown by NMS staff, and showed the vitality and sustainable development of NMS. At the same time, they also further stimulated the spirit of NMS staff to forge ahead and work hard to do business and gathered strength for the future high-quality development of the enterprise.

Chapter one: Building a foundation through hard work

Luo Chahua: From 1970 to 1979, she was the head of the plant at that time. After 1979, she served as the Chairman of the Labor Union of the plant and the Director of the Women’s Federation. She used to be in charge of service work and retired in 1992.

Gan Dengtan: He graduated from Beijing Institute of Mining (the predecessor of China University of Mining and Technology) in 1958. From 1979 to 1993, he was the Plant Director and member of Nanchang Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

In 1970, at the foot of the barren Ziqing mountain, seven young girls started the historical journey of NMS by forging a spatula with their own hands.

At the difficult time of Nanchang Wuqi Comprehensive Plant, the predecessor of NMS, Luo Chahua took the overall situation into consideration, actively promoted the merger and reorganization with the chemical equipment plant, and took the initiative to retire, so as to appoint Gan Dengtan, who graduated from university with a technical background, as the factory director, thus completed the historic handover for the further development and growth of the enterprise.

Fifty years passed by in a flash. Now the seven young girls have entered their seventies, eighties, or passed away. The ambitious plant director Mr. Gan has already passed away. However, the spirit of the older generations of entrepreneurs who were not afraid of difficulties, dared to take responsibility and willing to contribute and never gave up has become the everlasting treasure of the enterprise, encouraging generations of NMS staff to move forward bravely.

Chapter two: Forging ahead in a new way

Gong Youliang: From 1993 to 2003, he served as the Director of the plant. Since 2003, he has been the General Manager and President of the enterprise.

During this period, as a designated unit of the former Ministry of Coal Industry and the Ministry of Mechanical Industry, NMS factory was gradually in trouble due to the double influence from system restrictions and market sluggishness. In 1993, Gong Youliang, aged only 26, was appointed Director of the plant. At that time, when the Three Gorges Dam started, he focused on the hydropower market, and finally won nearly 90% of the market share of the screening equipment of the Three Gorges Project, making the screening equipment occupy a place in the domestic water conservancy and hydropower system, and then NMS began to set foot in the field of crushing equipment. In 2003, the enterprise successfully restructured from a large state-owned collective enterprise to a private joint-stock enterprise, and renamed Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. Since then, the enterprise has entered the course of rapid development.

Gong Youliang, who was appointed at the time of crisis, led NMS to achieve Phoenix Nirvana and rebirth with the responsibility and courage of an entrepreneur.

Chapter three: Sail through the wind and waves

Li Shunshan: Chairman of the Board of NMS since 2003

Chairman Li Shunshan became a member of NMS during the enterprise restructuring. 2003 is the first year after the restructuring. Under the leadership of Chairman Li Shunshan and President Gong Youliang, the sales orders of the enterprise increased from 7 million yuan to more than 25 million yuan, achieving a “good start”. In 2005, Chairman Li Shunshan first put forward the strategy of product internationalization, and established Shanghai Kaicai Industrial Co., Ltd., officially started overseas market businesses, and then set up branches in South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Russia and other countries and regions, and the products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions. In addition, NMS considered international first-class enterprises as its benchmark, and set up a research and development center in Sweden to absorb international advanced technologies and constantly improved its independent innovation ability, developing the products to be more diversified, high-end and intelligent.

Since the restructuring in 2003, NMS has developed rapidly for 18 years, creating a legend in the history of enterprise development. At present, NMS has become an enterprise group with an annual output value of more than 600 million yuan.

One day we will be in the waves in full speed, hang up sailcloth and march forward bravely in the sea. Li Shunshan, our helmsman, is leading the ship named NMS in the rough sea of business with his superb wisdom and vision.

Chapter four: Walking steadily and pursuing dreams bravely

In the past 50 years of development, what supported NMS were the entrepreneurial spirit of several generations of leaders, such as responsibility, sacrifice and dedication, innovation and enterprising, fearless in the face of crisis, and the valuable character of generations of NMS staff, such as persisting in ingenuity, struggling through hardship, pursuit of excellence and sincere service. Fifty years of continuous improvement has drawn the magnificent picture of the reform and development of NMS. At a new starting point, NMS staff will continue to pursue their dreams, grow together with the motherland, keep pace with the times, promote the high-quality development of enterprises with the spirit of craftsmanship, strive to be the leading role in global crushing and screening industry, and create a new legend of Chinese manufacturing.

At the ceremony, in order to show gratitude to a large number of partners who have long cared for and supported the development of NMS and the outstanding employees who have made contributions to the enterprise, NMS gave many awards, such as Excellent Partnership Award, Special Contribution Award for retired staff, Excellent Employee Award, 2020 Advanced Team and 2020 Advanced Individual.

Special Contribution Award

Excellent Partnership Award

On that day, the guests invited to the celebration also visited NMS.

In the evening, a dinner party was held to celebrate NMS 50th anniversary. At the beginning of the dinner, representatives of poverty alleviation households from Bakou village, Changjun Town, Anyi County, Nanchang city came to the party to present the silk banner to NMS. NMS has been adhering to the core values of “gratitude and responsibility”, holding gratitude to the government and society for their care and help to the enterprise, firmly fulfilling the commitment to its social responsibility with practical actions, and constantly helping the poor households get rid of poverty and increase their income in Bakou village, Changjun Town, Anyi County.

At the dinner, in order to celebrate NMS 50th anniversary, several generations of constructors of NMS and their families came to the stage for the cake cutting and toasting. During the dinner, the versatile NMS staff performed with passion, and the beautiful songs touched everyone’s heart. The performances were wonderful, the atmosphere was great, and the applauses could be heard from time to time.

The tide rises and the sea is wide. It’s perfect time to set sail.

In the laughter and joy, the celebration of NMS 50th anniversary has come to a successful conclusion, which also marks that NMS staff will embark on a new journey. We will continue to work hard towards the vision of “quality benchmark of the industry, model of happiness enterprise, international well-known brand ” with the heart of gratitude and ambition, accompanied with sweat and glory, stride forward with firm belief, work hand in hand with colleagues from all industries in the society towards further development, carry forward the cause pioneered by our predecessors and forge ahead into a bright future!

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