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Super Capacity! NMS GC5065 Gyratory Crusher, You Deserve It.


High capacity and energy-saving crusher?

Reliable and durable crusher with convenient maintenance?

This NMS gyratory crusher can meet all your requirements.

It has large capacity, low energy consumption,

high crushing efficiency, high reduction ratio,

high quality and reliable return on investment.

It is your best choice.

High capacity and energy-saving

Its maximum size is 1070mm and capacity is 2760t/h;

its product size is uniform and maximum discharging size is within 300mm;

compared with jaw crusher, it can save 5% – 10% energy;

It can be widely used in metal mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, building material and other large-scale primary crushing material.

Highly intelligent

With intelligent ore discharging adjustment system, the capacity can be brought into full play;

key parts are equipped with temperature and displacement sensors to ensure lubrication and operation are normal, and to protect their normal use;

with AUTO-RUN system, it can maximize the running rate; it has high production efficiency, easy operation and low maintenance cost.


Innovative design

The main shaft and the moving cone are designed in an integrated way to avoid loosening of split structure during crushing;

it adopts arch beam, the feeding port can be increased by 14%;

large flow double channel lubrication is adopted to ensure the eccentric system and main shaft work smoothly;

the balanced design makes the impact of equipment smaller and the operation more stable.

Easy maintenance

The shell is made of special alloy cast steel, the main shaft is made of high strength forged alloy steel, and the liner has long service life; 

it has an external gear backlash adjusting device, which is convenient for adjustment and maintenance;

the beam bushing and oil seal can be replaced without disassembly, so the downtime of equipment is reduced greatly;

it is equipped with special maintenance vehicle and tool, which is extremely convenient for maintenance.

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