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NMS Builds Employment Practice Base with Central South University


On May 28, the signing ceremony of NMS & Central South University (CSU) employment practice base, which was the scholarship awarding ceremony of NMS & CSU was held in CSU. Sun Wei, Dean of the School of Resource Processing and Bioengineering, and Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS as well as a dozen of students who won the prize witnessed the success of the event.

NMS and CSU were signing cooperation agreement on employment practice base

Photos of winners of NMS & CSU scholarship

Since 2018, NMS has set up excellence scholarship in CSU to encourage students with excellent character and learning but financial distress to continue working hard so as to serve national construction with excellent result and noble character.

Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS

Chairman Li introduced the development of mining equipment industry and enterprise as well as the original intention of donating money to help students. He mentioned that NMS actively responded to the appeal of the party, took “pursue innovation and excellence; be committed to healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable development and maximum value of resources in mining industry” as its enterprise mission to strive for reformation and innovation as well as vigorously promoted industrial development. NMS deeply realized that innovation was the source of enterprise survival and development, and the annual cost for product development and talent cultivation was no less than 10% of sales revenue. He encouraged the students to think deeply, work hard, be diligent, be grateful and contribute to the society. He also welcomed the students to join NMS and seek development together in the future.

Sun Wei, Dean of the School of Resource Processing and Bioengineering

Dean Sun said that the signing of employment practice base and the release of scholarship were concrete measures to deepen cooperation between university and enterprise as well as promoting the implementation, showing NMS great support for education and talent cultivation, and outstanding entrepreneur’s social responsibilities. The school would further strengthen external cooperation and communication to set up a broad platform for the cooperation between university and enterprise, constantly optimize the style of teaching and learning so that every student can apply his knowledge to the country and society, and create a better future for mankind.

In the interactive activity, many students from CSU asked questions about NMS development prospect and salary system, Chairman Li answered one by one and gave guidance on career development planning for the coming graduates. For the students who asked questions about overseas sales position, Chairman Li specially showed the song of NMS sales – Hero Salesman. The magnificent lyrics were inspiring, describing sales staff’s resolution to make unremitting efforts for their career. After listening to the song, the students stood up and applauded one after another to show their respect.

Thus, the signing and awarding ceremony ended successfully. Both sides will continue to work together to deepen the cooperation between university and enterprise.

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