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NMS was Awarded “Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relationship of Jiangxi Province”


Recently, People’s Government of Jiangxi Province has issued the decision on commending the second model unit with harmonious labor relationship of Jiangxi Province. Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) won the title of “model enterprise with harmonious labor relationship of Jiangxi Province”.

Labor relationship is a critical part of production relationship and one of the most primary and crucial social relationship. Whether labor relationship is harmonious or not is related to the vital interests of employees and enterprises, economic development and social harmony. In order to build harmonious labor relationship, NMS takes “quality benchmark of the industry, model of happiness enterprise, international well-known brand” as its vision, fully mobilizes employees, and establishes organizations such as happy enterprise construction committee, party branch committee, labor union committee and happy home.

NMS held happy points meeting and points tour

Photo of NMS football association

NMS attaches importance to talent training. It cooperates with Central South University and Jiangxi University of technology to set up scholarship. At the same time, it prepares to establish Ziqingshan College, an internal training college of the enterprise, and carries out staff education and training activities. It has trained a large number of excellent talents, such as Hongcheng craftsman Cai Hengjun; Nanchang labor model Fu Long; top ten scientific and technological workers of Nanchang – Li Kun. In addition, NMS is enthusiastic about social public welfare undertakings, actively carries out actions such as poverty alleviation, donation to students and medical assistance, and strives to assume the social responsibility of an enterprise citizen. According to incomplete statistics, NMS has donated more than 3 million yuan to the society.

The award fully shows that NMS measures in building harmonious labor relationship have been recognized. In the future, NMS will make persistent efforts to protect the basic rights and interests of employees, create a model of happiness enterprise, strive to build a standardized, orderly, fair, mutually beneficial, win-win, harmonious and stable labor relationship, and continuously promote the high-quality development of harmonious labor relationship.

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