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Ready to Go, NMS 2021 Management Trainees!


In order to actively build a learning-oriented enterprise and better develop enterprise, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) focuses on promoting the training of talent. As an important part of talent training, NMS 2021 management trainee team (hereinafter referred to as “MT”) ” class Zhiyuan” has recently completed assembly and training.

NMS has established MT project since 2016, with the ultimate goal of “win-win” for MT personal development and enterprise development. As a strategic talent training plan, the enterprise selects fresh graduates who meet NMS culture and have development potential, customizes the training plan for them, gives multi-dimensional care and assistance during their development, and finally selects elites and managers who meet the needs of enterprise development. Since its launch, the project has been favored by the fresh graduates of colleges and universities. It is also one of the crucial ways for NMS to acquire high potential talents.

During the training, for the newly acquired management trainees, NMS provided consultation and guidance for their career development, discussed the direction according to their personality, interest, and aspiration, and arranged special staff to act as life tutor and cared about his life and thought. The expert team of each department served as the business mentor to provide skill training and business guidance for them. The business elite with rich front-line practical experience served as the practical tutor to guide them to carry out on-site practical training. NMS regularly organized the management trainees to participate in various trainings and learnings, enhanced their comprehensive knowledge and overall quality. In terms of employment mechanism, regular job rotation was adopted to promote the sound growth of management trainees. They will also assume responsibilities and give full play to his potential in during practical learning at all stages. Finally, after three months’ training, they will be selected at all levels through follow-up assessment, comprehensive evaluation and job competition for appropriate jobs.

While ensuring that the management trainees received professional training in vocational quality, business skill and management ability, they could find a balance between work and life through rich enterprise culture and activities. A weekly talk was held, in which leaders of all departments and management trainees had the communication of learning and life. At the same time, rich and colorful cultural and recreational activities were held, so that they showed their enterprising spirit in table tennis competition, team building and art party, and felt their responsibility in outdoor bound and workshop practice.

Talent construction has always been the cornerstone of NMS to improve the combat effectiveness of the team. Through a comprehensive and innovative talent construction and training mechanism, NMS management trainee project has effectively injected vitality into the existing talent and has provided a strong organizational guarantee and human resource guarantee for enterprise development. In the future, NMS will successively launch training plan, talent training mechanism, and medium and high-level learning platform for talent construction. Through systematic, normative and perfect mechanism construction, it will give full play to the joint force of team spirit and forge ahead to realize the vision of “quality benchmark of the industry, model of happiness enterprise model and international well-known brand”!

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