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NMS Attends DRC MINING WEEK to Seek Business Opportunities


From June 1 to 3, DRC MINING WEEK, which was suspended for two times due to the epidemic, was grandly opened in Lubumbashi, DRC. As a regular guest of the exhibition, NNS AFRICA (PTY) LTD made another appearance at the exhibition.  

Photos of exhibition


DRC MINING WEEK is an important trading platform for mining and industry in the region, supported by the DRC National Mining Association, DRC Federation of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the public sectors of the governments of neighboring countries. During the exhibition, NMS booth received extensive attention. The employees of NMS AFRICA (PTY) LTD showed a variety of high-performance products and solutions to the guests, and its comprehensive strength was unanimously recognized.

NMS booth received extensive attention


 DRC is considered as one of the most potential mining markets in Africa. Its mineral resource reserves rank among the best in the world. Mining is also a critical economic pillar and major source of foreign exchange income for DRC. NMS actively responds to the national “the Belt and Road” initiative and unswervingly follows internationalization. In 2017, NMS AFRICA (PTY) LTD was established in Johannesburg, South Africa. Also, a storage base including main engines and accessories that radiated to central and southern Africa was established.


Employees of NMS AFRICA (PTY) LTD

After years of hard work, NMS has been expanding its business in Africa. With excellent product quality and good market reputation, NMS has achieved steady development. In addition to providing customers with the whole life cycle service of complete machine & part supply, solutions well as intelligent operation and maintenance, NMS AFRICA (PTY) LTD has also established a positive responding mechanism to provide the same and timely professional after-sales service as in China to help customers improve quality and efficiency.  

Employees of NMS Africa were still in the project site during the epidemic


During the epidemic, employees of NMS Africa adhered to the concept of being with customers and stuck to their posts, effectively ensuring steady and orderly progress of the project. They served customers with professional skills to escort the project, won customers’ praise and trust, and laid a good foundation for further deepening cooperation.

Through this exhibition, NMS shows its strength and international image to overseas customers. With the increase of market share of NMS and the application of products, NMS will continue relying on high-quality products and professional service, go globally with the help of “the Belt and Road”, strive to serve more customers and write a new chapter of win-win cooperation!

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