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Donation to Help Students! 33 Outstanding Students of Central South University won NMS Scholarship!


On June 12, the School of Resource Processing and Bioengineering of Central South University (RPBCSU) held 2020 – 2021 annual award ceremony. University leaders attended the ceremony. Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) attended the event as the awarding unit.

NMS actively undertakes the social responsibility for students and training. Since 2018, NMS has set up scholarship in RPBCSU, donating tens of thousands of yuan each year to exceptional undergraduates, masters and doctoral students. It aims to support China higher education, the running of Central South University, encourage young students to strive for excellence, develop in all respects morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically, and become the outstanding talents required by the country as soon as possible. At the same time, it also strengthens the contact between NMS and university, further closes the cooperation between both sides in talent training, scientific research and technological development to realize mutual integration and win-win.

In this academic year, 33 students were awarded NMS scholarship, of which 18 were awarded NMS outstanding student scholarship, with a reward of 5000 yuan per person; 15 people won NMS academic progress scholarship, with a reward of 1000-3000 yuan per person.

In the ceremony, Tian Tian, Manager of NMS HR, presenting certificates to the award-winning students and communicating with them at the sub-venue, encouraging them to continue learning scientific and cultural knowledge with high spirit in the future to serve the country and society with outstanding achievements.   


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