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NMS Congratulates on the Foundation of Shanxi Sand & Stone Association!


On June 30, the first membership conference of the first session of Shanxi sand & stone association (SSSA) and its founding were held in Taiyuan.

The representatives listened to the preparations of the founding meeting, viewed and voted on related rules and regulations, and selected the first executive president of the association.

Hu Youyi, President of China Aggregates Association, extended warm congratulations on the founding of SSSA. He mentioned in his video speech that, in recent years, the CPC and the State Council have attached great importance to the healthy, orderly and high-quality development of the aggregates industry. Subsequently, many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions successively issued relevant documents to promote development of the industry, which is a critical opportunity in the new era.

He pointed out that, at present, China is vigorously promoting infrastructure construction, and the demand for sand and aggregates is increasing. The founding of SSSA coincides with the time, building a bridge of communication and exchange between Shanxi provincial government and sand & stone enterprises, playing a crucial role in the green development, and healthy and orderly development of Shanxi sand & stone industry, and providing vital support for the development of Shanxi sand and stone industry and economy. It is hoped that SSSA will conscientiously implement the relevant policies of the nation and Shanxi Province, lead development direction of the industry, actively serve the government, membership, society and enterprises, strengthen communication and cooperation between industry and enterprises, promote high-quality, healthy and orderly development of SSSA, and contribute to the infrastructure construction and economic and social development of Shanxi Province.  

Li Shunshan, Vice President of CAA and Chairman of NMS, expressed warm congratulations on the founding of SSSA on behalf of CAA. He introduced the development of green mines and factories for sand and aggregates in China, China’s sand and aggregates plan to achieve green and low-carbon transformation, and the key points of construction of sand and aggregates processing factories. He proposed that in order to achieve green and low-carbon transformation, local governments should adjust and optimize the layout of sand and aggregates development, formulate plans for stone mining, improve product support capacity, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, build green mines, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of sand and aggregates industry. The sand and aggregates industry should continue vigorously promoting the integration of sand and aggregates mine resources. By 2025, cultivating more than 100 intelligent, green, high-quality and well managed green sand and aggregates bases, continue strengthening cleaner production and improve comprehensive utilization of resources, vigorously developing green technology, and accelerating the upgrading of technical equipment. In the mine design stage, enterprise should systematically consider the implementation of greening in equipment manufacturing, production, transportation, logistics and other links, so as to reduce the adverse impact on resources and environment in the whole life cycle of mine operation, and explore and implement a new green development mode.

Li Shunshan said that as a Vice President unit of CAA, national high-tech enterprise, national specialized and new little giant enterprise, and post-doctoral innovation practice base, YMS & YCJ developed by NMS can provide support for the selection and optimization of sand and aggregates processing technology and equipment, and provide a scientific basis for the design of sand and aggregates factories. The new FlowSheet Designer process design software developed by NMS Swedish R&D center can be used for the simulation calculation of the crushing and screening system in common mines, which is more accurate than manual, and provides a basis for the selection of crushing equipment and process flow. Based on more than 50 years’ experience, NMS has developed CC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, MC series multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, GC series gyratory crusher, JC series jaw crusher, HS series impact crusher, VSD series double chamber vertical shaft impact crusher, banana screen, flip-flow screen, elliptical screen and other equipment with excellent performance. With NMS leading solutions in the industry, the whole series of complete sets of crushing and screening products can help optimize the processing technology of large hard rock mines.

The founding of SSSA has built a bridge and link between the administration and enterprises. Next, NMS will unite with colleagues in the industry and strive to shoulder the important tasks of promoting the development of the industry, so as to jointly contribute to the green, orderly and high-quality development of China’s sand and aggregates industry.


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