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NMS Shows in Electra Mining Africa 2022


From September 5 to 9, NMS attended Electra Mining Africa 2022. The exhibition was held in Johannesburg, and NMS Africa (PTY) LTD showed with CC300 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and high-quality spare parts.   

At the exhibition, product manager of NMS Africa (PTY) LTD shared customers with development history, the latest technology, the full range of product solutions of NMS, and also showed guests NMS main products, CC300 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, which is widely used in the crushing of various kinds of high hardness and abrasion ores, so that customers can understand the product characteristic. 


According to the laminated crushing and the wear characteristics of wall, chamber of NMS CC300 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher chamber is curved, which has large output, high product quality and low wear cost. The equipment is equipped with AutoRun intelligent control system as standard, which has overload protection, iron protection, automatic compensation for liner wear, life prediction of wear parts, etc., to maximize the startup rate and reduce the maintenance cycle and energy consumption indicators. Compared with other single cylinder cone crushers, under the same power, the equipment processing capacity is larger. The combination of eccentric copper sleeve and eccentric sleeve can be installed in different keyways of copper sleeve through the key, which can easily realize multiple eccentric distance settings to meet the requirements of different ores and working conditions to achieve full crushing chamber.

During the exhibition, NMS technical R&D, processing and manufacturing were unanimously recognized by customers. Through this exhibition, NMS shows its main products and strength, which effectively enhances its international popularity, and also NMS deeply knows the development trend of South Africa and African markets, laying a solid foundation for further market development.

NMS warehouse base, South Africa

NMS Africa (PTY) LTD was founded in 1970, and has established after-sales service in Southern, Central and Western South Africa, and a warehouse base to radiate Central and Southern Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over the years, with high-quality products and perfect service system, NMS has won many customers’ trust in Africa. “The deeper the roots are, the more prosperous the branches and leaves can be.” As NMS continues going forward in Africa, we will also better understand customers’ needs, listen to their opinions, and provide them with the best solution to further make its popularity.





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