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NMS 2nd Craftsman Day was Held Successfully


Innovation leads future, lean makes enterprise. On December 30, NMS held the 2nd  Craftsman Day. Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, Gong Youliang, President, and Liu Deping, Deputy General Manager of Production and Delivery Center and others attended it and made speeches.


Carrying forward the craftsmanship spirit is an important basis to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprise, and is a key element to improve the core competitiveness. In order to vigorously promote the spirit, NMS organized four skill competitions this year, namely, forklift, crane, ordinary horizontal lathe and CNC lathe. In the competition, many skilled craftsmen emerged, who used their professional skills to help lean production in their respective posts. On that day, Mr. Gong, presented the award to the winners of the skill competition and selected five NMS Craftsmen, aiming to play the role of unity and model, and do a good job in the inheritance of skill and spirit. At the same time, NMS also released the “Advanced Map of Craftsman Talents in 2023” to copy and train craftsman talents.

Photo of lean forum

Award of lean competition

It is reported that in order to build a broad stage for model workers and skilled talents to play their roles and let the lean penetrate into the hearts, NMS Production and Delivery Center organized a lean forum to invite employees to share their understandings of lean and professional lean knowledge. So far, the Lean Forum has been successfully held for more than 80 times, in which many talents have emerged. They have made themselves through the Lean Forum, played an extraordinary role in ordinary posts, and raised a passion for excellence in the enterprise. During the Craftsman Day, top 10 lean lecturers were awarded.

Photos of craftsman day

On the Craftsman Day, we also carried out activities such as the sharing of craftsmanship spirit, exhibition of high-quality manufacturing training, show of TCC, and the exchange of craftsmen.



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