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Sailing Forward, Keeping Going | NMS Held 2022 Annual Party


The lucky rabbit brings good luck and welcomes the new year. On January 16, NMS held 2022 annual summary and commendation conference, and 2023 new year party. In a happy and peaceful atmosphere, NMS staff gathered together to seek development and celebrate the new year.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

At the conference, Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, delivered a speech. He pointed out that NMS continued to carry out its corporate culture building, and precipitated a good team composed of elite and powerful personnel. With their good professional ethics, excellent technology and diligent style, they did their best to serve customers against the epidemic and won high praise from customers. On behalf of NMS, he expressed deep gratitude to the employees who had united and worked hard in the difficult times and stuck to their posts. He said that NMS had laid the foundation for the development in 2023, and had made good reserves in all aspects. He believed that the distance to realize the vision that “quality benchmark of the industry, model of happiness enterprise, international well-known brand” would be closer and closer.

Gong Youliang, President of NMS, made a report for 2022. He pointed out that the events and data in 2022 showed that NMS had made outstanding achievements in the complex macro environment. In 2022, NMS paid nearly 90-million-yuan tax, achieved double growth of income and profit again, and the enterprise maintained stable development. Yi Lianhong, former Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and Li Hongjun, member of Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee, havd successively visited NMS, and its development had attracted the attention of the government. NMS is the first batch of enterprises approved to set up post-doctoral scientific research workstations in 2022. The two technologies of NMS, “Hydraulic High Frequency Screen Equipment Technology” and “Large-scale Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher Technology” were selected into the “Catalog of Advanced and Applicable Technologies for Mineral Resources Solution and Comprehensive Utilization (2022 Edition)” (national level) of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the scientific and technological innovation was praised again. NMS was awarded “National Demonstration Enterprise for the Establishment of Harmonious Labor Relations”, and the welding team of enterprise’s sheet metal workshop was awarded “Nanchang Worker Pioneer”, and many tasks were recognized.

NMS was selected into the promotion list of Jiangxi Collection, HPF2060 grizzly feeder by itself was recognized as the second prize of Jiangxi Excellent New Product, and 2MOS3675 double-axis self-synchronizing elliptical vibration screen was recognized as the third prize in 2021, and the popularity in the province was improved. Jiangxi Gold Intelligent Service Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NMS, started the industrialization project of key components of high-performance intelligent crusher. It is expected to complete the construction and trial production in October 2023, and the blueprint of equipment & manufacturing will be gradually spread. NMS introduced TCC to help employees get both material and spiritual happiness, and achieved fruitful results; it organized and carried out tug-of-war, fishing, fun games, football, basketball, summer parent-child thanksgiving event, Marketing Day, Craftsman Day and other activities, and the staff’s amateur activities are colorful.

Highlights and commendations

The theme of the annual party is “quality to explore market, lean innovation to win the future”. With the energetic chorus of Entering the New Era, the party began slowly. Many wonderful programs with rich forms and amazing contents, such as three sentences and a half, clapper talk, short sketch, poetry reading, shadow dance, song adaptation, stage play and stage show took turns to play. The programs closely followed the theme, presented a positive, cheerful and lively audio-visual feast, and showed the good spirit of all NMS employees.

The lucky draw made the audience excited and cheered. The atmosphere was full of festivity, peace and joy.

With science and technology as the core, quality as the basis, service as the tool, internationalism as the trend and benefit as the basis, many outstanding talents have emerged in these modules. On the same day, six awards were presented, including “Science and Technology NMS”, “Quality NMS”, “Service NMS”, “International NMS”, “Benefit NMS ” and “Happy NMS”, as well as 2022 annual points award, “I am proud of being NMS staff” calligraphy & painting & photography exhibition and essay activity award, and golden autumn sports meeting award.

It is the right time to forge ahead with courage and perseverance. Standing on the new starting point, NMS is going to continue adhering to the development strategy of “Science and Technology NMS”, “Quality NMS”, “Service NMS”, “International NMS”, “Benefit NMS ” and “Happy NMS” with the support of the Party and the Government, accelerate the pace of youth and internationalization, continue building first-class industry competitiveness, and forge ahead.

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