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NMS Helps Completion and Operation of China Resources Cement (Anshun) Co., Ltd. with 1M Cubic Meters of Concrete & 2M T/A Aggregates


On March 17, China Resources Cement (Anshun) Co., Ltd. 1M cubic meters of concrete & 2M T/A aggregates project were completed and launched.  The whole set of equipment of production line was provided by NMS.

The project was a major commencement project in Guizhou province in 2022, and it was also the first aggregates concrete project invested by China Resources Cement there. The project officially commenced in June 2022 and took 8 months to complete and put into operation. The total investment is 164.1937 million yuan. The project covers an area of 284.16 million square meters, with a construction area of 112.52 million square meters. 

The project adheres to the concept of green and new development, and under the guidance of deep integration mode of “cement + aggregates + concrete”, the production line adopts a fully closed, short-process dry sand production process technology, and adopts advanced mechanism sand production equipment such as new high-efficiency energy-saving crusher, environmentally friendly multi-layer high-efficiency screening machine, efficient composite sand-making machine, automatic loading system, and efficient pulse bag filter. Through the sand and aggregates simultaneous delivery system, 0-5mm, 5-10mm and 10-25mm are manufactured (finished sizes are adjustable), whose safety, environmental protection, and energy consumption levels are leading in China.

It adopts NMS HS1319P impact crusher, HS1319S impact crusher, 2YKR2460H circular vibration screen, YKR2460H vibration screen, and they are used for primary and secondary screening. Also, HPF1860 grizzly feeder, 2YKR2060H de-silter screen and MSP250 sand-making tower are adopted.

In order to meet customer’s need on simultaneous production of sand and aggregates, and in combination with the raw material properties with particle size of 0-35mm, NMS MSP250 sand-making tower is specially equipped with VS1400R vertical shaft impact crusher, VSD1450 dual chamber vertical shaft impact crusher, 3HFS1857V high-frequency screen, and 2HFS1857V high-frequency screen. Using dry production process with crushing and screening, combining with ingenious structural design, the sand-making tower has the ability to produce two specifications of stone materials while producing sand, and the finished sand has excellent quality, reasonable gradation and round shape. Through the regulating valve, it is also possible to flexibly adjust the gradation, fineness modulus, and powder content, facilitating the owner to adjust specifications of produced finished products and their output proportion according to market demand.

At the same time, the sand-making tower adopts DCS centralized control system, which can remotely control the start and stop, monitor all equipment in real time. It has high information integration and automation, and fault self-test and alarm. The powder separation equipment and the groove under the screen are designed as a whole. In a fully enclosed environment, using the negative pressure air flow of the dust collector, the screening and powder separation can be completed simultaneously. The production process is energy-saving and eco-friendly, production cost is low, labor investment is low, and economic benefit is high.

Since the start of project, NMS has arranged technical service personnel for site track, effectively ensuring the construction of the project. In addition, the project utilizes digital and intelligent technologies such as intelligent production control system, unattended intelligent logistics management and control platform to automate the entire process of product production, sales, and shipping, with high intelligence and green. After the project is put into operation, it can meet the demand of the surrounding sand and aggregates to a greater extent, providing strong resource support for promoting the healthy development of regional economy.

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