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NMS Insight:NMS Empowers 1000t/h Granite Crushing Project at Shunfalung, Qingdao


“Gateway to Jiaodong, Picturesque Pindu” – Pindu is the largest county-level city in Shandong Province, with its total mineral resources accounting for over 70% of Qingdao City. Thirty different types of minerals have been discovered in this area. The Shunfalong 1000 t/h aggregate project, which commenced operation at the end of September 2023, is located in Pindu City.

The project processes high compressive strength and hardness granite as its raw material, employing a “three-stage closed-circuit” production process. The incoming material is initially treated by a rod feeder and a jaw crusher before entering a de-silting screen. The material above the screen is transferred to an intermediate warehouse, where it undergoes medium and fine crushing, as well as screening. The material below the screen enters a slag storage bin and then undergoes water washing and screening.

The project employs equipment from Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) , including 2 units of HPF rod feeders, 2 units of JC jaw crushers, 3 units of CC single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, 1 unit of 2YKR de-silting screen, 2 units of YKR water washing screens, 4 units of 2YKR circular vibrating screens, 2 units of 3YKR circular vibrating screens, and 4 units of GZG vibrating feeders. Notably, the CC single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, employed for medium crushing, has an installed power of 450 kW, and its processing capacity reaches over 1000 t/h.

Based on the principles of material layer crushing and chamber wall wear characteristics, the cavity design of the CC series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts a curved profile. This design offers advantages such as high production yield, good particle shape of the finished product, and low wear costs. The equipment is equipped with an Auto Run automatic control system, overload protection system, and hydraulic lubrication system, providing strong overload capacity and convenient operation. Additionally, it features a positive pressure dust prevention fan and a long-lasting dust seal, delivering excellent dust prevention effects and significantly extending the lifespan of lubricating oil.

The final products of the project include high-quality aggregates in the sizes of 5-10mm and 10-31.5mm, as well as washed sand. These products are primarily distributed to surrounding areas.

During the equipment installation, commissioning, and trial production stages, NMS’s after-sales service engineers were present to provide technical support and personnel training services, ensuring the smooth operation of the project. Currently, the project is running steadily, and both production yield and product particle size meet the customer’s expectations. (By Xiaohan Liu)

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