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NMS Steps into China Aggregates Association Hope Primary School, Practicing Corporate Citizenship through Charitable Donations


On November 17th, the “Chasing Dreams, Setting Sail for Love” donation event for the China Aggregates Association Hope Primary School was successfully held in Huize County, Yunnan. Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) participated in the event as one of the donating units.

Education is a crucial cornerstone for national rejuvenation and societal progress, with the youth serving as the vanguard force for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In 2021, entrusted by the Council of the China Aggregates Association, the Secretariat signed a donation agreement with the China Youth Development Foundation to contribute funds for the construction of the China Aggregates Association Hope Primary School in Zhehai Town, Huize County. NMS actively responded to the association’s joint initiative for fundraising and construction, contributing to the cause of education. With the support of member enterprises, the “China Aggregates Association Hope Primary School” was completed and put into use at the end of 2021, currently serving over 800 students and staff.

The China Aggregates Association once again organized NMS and other aggregates enterprises to donate caring stationery. Representatives from supporting enterprises visited the Hope Primary School to personally deliver the donated items to the children, conveying the care and love from the sand and gravel industry.

Walking into the Hope Primary School, the brand-new teaching building stood prominently before everyone’s eyes. Children on break lined up enthusiastically to welcome the visiting members. The principal then introduced the school’s infrastructure, faculty, teaching quality, and student sources. The group was led on a tour of student dormitories, the cafeteria, classrooms, and the on-campus vegetable garden. Despite the chilly weather, the vegetables, nurtured by the children, were thriving. During leisure time, the visitors distributed school bags, notebooks, carbon pens, and other stationery to the children. The children’s faces lit up with bright smiles, radiating joy and happiness. Surprisingly mature, the children also handed out heartfelt thank-you letters, their young handwriting brimming with genuine emotions. This heartfelt gesture warmed everyone’s hearts, making the severe cold of early winter seem to disappear in that moment.


Children Joyfully Line Up to Welcome Visiting Members

Children Study Diligently in Bright Classrooms

Children’s Carefully Cultivated Lush Green Vegetables

Children’s Gratitude Letters

Though the starlight may be faint, countless rays form brilliance. Since its establishment in 1970, NMS has actively embraced corporate citizenship, passionately engaging in social welfare activities. NMS has contributed to rural revitalization and social welfare, enthusiastically participating in poverty alleviation, funding education, and pairing assistance initiatives. According to incomplete statistics, the company has donated funds and materials exceeding 2 million yuan to date. NMS will always remember its mission, vision, and core values, actively fulfilling its social responsibility. The company supports public welfare initiatives with a deep sense of social responsibility, actively contributing to industry and societal development, giving back to the community, and benefiting humanity.

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