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Ride forth on the Waves and Accelerate Development – NMS Second Session of the First Staff Conference and Second Session of the First Labor Union Conference Was Held Successfully


Figure 1: The Conference Started

On December 16-17,2019, NMS Second Session of the First Staff Conference and Second Session of the First Labor Union Conference was held on the third floor of NMS Administration Office Building, which fully opened the prelude of NMS employees fully participating in the decision-making process of corporate management, operation and supervision. President Li Shunshan and General Manager Gong Youliang attended the conference. The successful convening of the conference symbolized the party organization of NMS has a more powerful support force and all employees feel a stronger sense of belonging and have a practical way to take ownership of the company.

In his speech at the conference, President Li Shunshan first expressed his heartfelt thanks and respect for the successful convening of the conference, the solicitude from the Party and government at all levels, and the strong support of all employees. Meanwhile, President Li Shunshan put forward three opinions to the workers’ congress: first, we should clarify the basic purpose and responsibility of the labor union; second, we should further strengthen the construction of the labor union; third, we should actively support the work of the labor union. President Li Shunshan also pointed out that the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee has brought forward new requirements for the work of our labor union. The new task for the development of NMS appeals to us to be closely united and led by the labor union. Under guidance of the new concept of development in the new era, and support of the superior Party committee and labor unions, we will continue to forge ahead with innovation and face up to challenges going forward in order to facilitate NMS improving overall market competitiveness and usher in a more brilliant future.


Figure 2: President Li Shunshan Made a Speech

General Manager Gong Youliang delivered NMS Enterprise Work Report at the conference. The report summarized and pointed out the development path of NMS from three aspects. Firstly, the major work in recent years, which mainly included the rapid growth of the company’s annual output value and the number of employees, the fast improvement of R&D level, the increasing enhancement of the position in the industry, the expansion of the brand recognition, and the active implementation of the national “belt and road initiative” to further promote the overseas development strategy. Secondly, the care for the growth and life of staff. NMS not only pays attention to training employees, but also concerns about the accommodation of employees, set up a charity fund to help employees in difficulty and participates in various activities organized by the municipal and district governments to enrich the life of employees. Thirdly, the future work plan, which is mainly about accelerating the construction of a happy company, vigorously propel the company to go public, promoting the upgrading of intelligent modules in workshops, speeding up the progress of new products and models, stabilizing the domestic market and further expanding overseas markets.

In the conference, Election Methods, Voting Methods, the list of scrutineers and the list of recommended candidates of the three committees were passed. Attendees also voted to adopt NMS Performance Management System, NMS Salary Management System, NMS Attendance Management System and NMS Welfare Management System, and elected NMS Labor Union Committee, Labor Union Audit Committee and Women Committed of Labor Union. The conference resolution was also deliberated and passed.   

The long road to success is full of thorns, and we are now moving ahead from scratch. The conference called on all staff of NMS to adhere to the development guidelines in the new era led by Chairman Xi Jinping under the big picture of deepening reform and opening-up and increasingly fierce market competition. We should stick to the principle of being pragmatic and putting development in the first place, seize to every opportunity to make our company greater and better with the joint efforts and sense of responsibility of all staff and the strong support of national policies and the local government. We will make growing contributions to the environmental protection, sustainability and maximum development of resource utilization of the industry and society.


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