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NMS Trump: YKR3075H Screen


YKR3075H is a screen developed by NMS that adopts the world’s advanced design concept. Combined with many years of application experience of screen in metal mine, aggregates and other working conditions, it is a mature product after many improvements and standardization.

Advantage 1: adjustment as required

The amplitude, frequency and screen surface inclination of the screen can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

The connection among side plate, reinforcing beam, cross beam and special-shaped beam of the screen adopts torsional high-strength bolts for steel structure (tensile stress is 900MPa), which has higher connection strength than ring groove rivets (tensile stress is 300mpa), is easy to replace and maintain, and avoids extruding micro cracks from the connecting bolt holes due to improper riveting.

Advantage 2: long service life

The motor of YKR3075H circular vibration screen is connected with exciter through drive bearing seat to ensure service life of the motor. At the same time, the frequency of vibration screen can also be adjusted by replacing the belt pulley.

The circular vibration screen adopts rubber spring, which has longer service life than metal spring. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, stable passing through resonance zone, low noise and small impact on foundation.

The exciters are connected by universal joints, which are flexible to use, install and replace, and the screen has long service life.

Advantage 3: smooth operation

The motor and exciter adopt flexible coupling so that the torque transmission has no axial force to make the operation of the screen more stable.

It can be used for ordinary screening with the size from 2 to 76mm, such as aggregates production, reproduction and utilization, chemical industry, etc.

Advantage 4: structure optimization

The exciter adopts external eccentric structure. The resultant force caused by the exciter of each side plate passes through the thickness center of the side plate. The side plate is only subject to tension or pressure without bending moment. The force for side plate and screening frame is greatly improved. The relative shaft eccentric vibrator improves the exciting force, reduces the weight of exciter and is convenient for maintenance and replacement.


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