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Sand-making Tower Project of Huaxin Cement (Luquan) Co., Ltd.


Project name: Sand-making Tower Project of Huaxin Cement (Luquan) Co., Ltd.

Location: Luquan County, Kunming, Yunnan

Type of ore: 5-31.5mm, limestone

Equipment: MSP180 sand-making tower (1 set of VS impact crusher, 1 set of VSD double chamber impact crusher, 2 sets of HFS hydraulic high-frequency screens and 1 set of air-screening system)  

Capacity: 180t/h

Finished product: 0-5mm, fine manufactured sand


Trial production with materials started in July 2020.

This is not the first cooperation between NMS and Huaxin Cement. In its multiple aggregates projects in Hubei and Tibet, NMS full set of crushing and screening equipment operated perfectly on site and was praised by Huaxin Cement.

NMS sand-making tower is not only simple in process and high in integration, but also has high sand-forming rate, less circulation, wide adaptability, less maintenance in operation process and no drying for dry output of finished products. The green environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency of project are realized in the process, which can greatly reduce operation and labor cost.

The trial production with materials reaches 180t/h, which meets customer’s requirements. The 0-5mm fine manufactured sand has excellent quality, low powder content and good dust collection effect.

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