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Congratulations! The Monthly RCC Pouring Volume of Nam Tun 1 Hydropower Station in Laos Ranks First in the world


Recently, the good news from Power China Laos Nam Tun 1 hydropower station project again that the monthly record of RCC pouring reached 361,333 cubic meters, ranking the world’s monthly pouring volume of similar projects first; The total amount of RCC and normal concrete pouring has achieved a remarkable achievement with 388,624.9 cubic meters, which fully demonstrates the advantages and strengths of Sinohydro Bureau 3Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SB 3”) in RCC construction. The aggregates system project of Nam Tun 1 hydropower station in Laos is another cooperation between Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) and SB 3 after the aggregates project of Guinea Kaleta hydropower station.

Nam Tun 1 hydropower station is a key project of joint development and cooperation between Laos and Thailand. It is located on CaDinh in Bolikhamxai, Laos. The project includes RCC gravity dam, tower intake, diversion tunnel, penstock, semi-embedded powerhouse and switch station. The biggest dam height of RCC gravity dam is 177m, the total length of dam axis is 771.5m, the crest elevation is 297m and the crest width is 8m. It is composed of retaining dams on the left and right banks, and spillway dam.

The hydropower project is equipped with aggregates processing system, which is composed of primary crushing, soil screening, pre-secondary screening, tertiary crushing, superfine crushing, the first screening and the second screening workshops, with a processing capacity of 750t/h. The whole dry process is used for production, and the spraying method is used for dust reduction. Nearly 20 sets of feeders, crushers, screens and electric control equipment have been provided by NMS, and all the aggregates produced are used in Nam Tun 1 hydropower station.

Loading and delivery of the first batch of equipment in March 2020

In January 2020, both sides signed a cooperation contract for the aggregates system project. During the epidemic period, NMS overcame many difficulties and worked at full capacity; in March, the equipment was successfully delivered to Laos. Hitherto, NMS equipment has been running at project site to facilitate the construction of hydropower station.


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