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NMS Facilitates Qi County Hengyuan Mining Erdaozhuang 10m t/a Aggregates Project


On June 28, Aggregates Lecture – the first public benefit activity of entering the mine was held in Hebi City, Henan Province. At the same time, the ceremony of reaching the production capacity of Qi County Hengyuan Mining Erdaozhuang Project (QHMEP) and the laboratory were held. Li Shunshan, Chairman of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) was invited.

Photos of activity

Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS

The purpose of Aggregates Lecture is to integrate the innovation resources of aggregates industry, build a platform for technological innovation and communication, encourage technological innovation and transformation, strengthen the research and development of equipment, process and rock matching, promote the application and technological progress of manufactured sand and aggregates manufacturing equipment, and explore the key technology of high-quality manufactured aggregates preparation and its application in concrete engineering.

Hu Youyi, President of CAA

In the lecture, President Hu took the course “green, low carbon and high-quality development of aggregates industry” from the aspects of current national environmental protection situation, documents issued by governments at all levels, market demand of aggregates, development mode of aggregates industry, and several issues that enterprises should pay attention to.

Zhao Bin, Deputy Chief Engineer of NMS

Zhao Bin made a report entitled “introduction to key technologies of design and equipment of aggregates processing plant”. He mentioned that there were three problems in the design of aggregates processing plant: characteristics of raw materials and process route, complexity and accuracy of process flow calculation, and matching of equipment and process.

For these problems, NMS has developed a testing machine for processing properties of aggregates parent rock, and established a raw material laboratory, which can detect the crushing work index, abrasion index and compressive strength of raw materials to help equipment selection. The Sweden R&D center of NMS has independently developed the FlowSheet Designer (process design software). Based on the application database of NMS products and the physical processing characteristics of raw materials, the software can replace manual calculation; and it is used for the simulation calculation of the crushing and screening system of common mines, with higher accuracy and 90% improvement in the estimation efficiency. NMS has a complete series of aggregates processing equipment. Based on more than 50 years’ experience, it has developed CC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, JC series jaw crusher, HS series impact crusher, banana screen, flip-flow screen, elliptical screen and other international leading equipment. The equipment has excellent performance and has been widely used in many aggregates projects home and abroad.

On that day, the two ceremonies of QHMEP were held and several HS1523S impact crushers as well as ZKR3675H large-scale screens manufactured by NMS were used.

The designed capacity of the project is 10M t/a, and the designed processing capacity is 3000t/h. It is a super large aggregates plant. The project started on March 1, 2020 and put into operation on October 31 the same year, lasting only 8 months. On April 12, the single daily capacity reached 45,800 tons and the processing capacity reached 3308t/h, reaching the capacity requirement (exceeding the designed capacity).

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