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“Marching Forward with Honors” – NMS Excels at the 8th China International Aggregates Conference, Winning Multiple Awards


From December 6-7, the 8th China International Aggregates Conference, themed “Adapting to Change, Rational Development, Serving Construction, and Moving Steadily Forward,” was successfully held in Shanghai. This marked the first international conference for Chinese aggregates industry in nearly three years and became another major global event for the sector, drawing leaders from national ministries, provincial and municipal government departments, industry experts, scholars, representatives from various industry associations, and companies across the aggregatex industry chain, along with media representatives. Li Shunshan, Vice President of the China Aggregates Association and Chairman of NMS, attended the conference.

Rich and Informative Presentations:

Distinguished leaders, including former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Land and Resources, Wang Min, Honorary Chairman of the European Aggregates Association and Convener of the Global Aggregates Information Network, Jim O’Brien, Chairman of the RCEP Industrial Cooperation Committee, Xu Ningning, and Director of the Henan Provincial People’s Government’s Office in Shanghai, Hu Jiabin, attended the conference and delivered speeches.

During the meeting, Mr. Hu Youyi, the President of the China Aggregates Association, delivered a keynote speech titled “Current International and Domestic Economic Situation and the Sustainable Development of the Aggregates Industry.” The keynote address provided an overview of the current global and domestic economic conditions, analyzed the operational status of industries such as aggregates, construction machinery, steel, cement, and concrete, and discussed the market demand for aggregates. Furthermore, it elaborated on the green, low-carbon, and high-quality development of the aggregates industry, along with the future trends in the aggregates equipment sector.

The President of the China Aggregates Association, Hu Youyi

The report points out that with the economic downturn, both the quantity and price of aggregates have declined. As large-scale mines continue to be built and put into production, multiple regions will experience overcapacity, leading to a sharp drop in prices, and in some cases, even a reversal of costs. Production costs are a key factor in business competition, and no enterprise can survive and develop in the long term under high costs. The future survival and development of enterprises depend on efficient management, comprehensive benefits, continuous innovation, and strong capabilities. Only enterprises with comparative advantages can ultimately survive and thrive, emphasizing the importance of both competition and strengthened cooperation during challenging periods to maintain market order and avoid cutthroat competition.

The Vice President of the China Aggregates Association and Chairman of NMS, Li Shunshan, delivered a report on the theme “Technical Analysis of the International Market Application of China’s Aggregates Equipment.” He also presided over the “Advanced Applicable Technology and Equipment Forum,” facilitating certain segments and providing a summary of the conference.

The Vice President of the China Aggregates Association and Chairman of NMS, Li Shunshan

The report highlighted several typical cases of NMS’s aggregates equipment applications, including granite mines in Finland (Rudus), uranium mines in Namibia (HUSAB), the Karachi power station in Pakistan, and multiple aggregates processing plants in the United States (CRH). It emphasized the company’s strong engineering technology, product application expertise, equipment quality assurance, safety and environmental qualifications, and after-sales service capabilities, enabling NMS to establish a presence in the overseas market dominated by international crushing and screening giants. The report also analyzed the risks associated with Chinese companies entering the international market, using examples such as the Karachi power station aggregates processing system and the Rudus granite mine in Finland to assess personal safety risks, product quality risks, and technical and legal risks.

Additionally, four viewpoints were presented in the report: 1) Chinese aggregates equipment can compete on par with internationally renowned brands in the high-end market; 2) China’s aggregates production process technology is leading internationally; 3) The low-price strategy of Chinese aggregates equipment in the international market has a significant disruptive effect; 4) Establishing an international brand for Chinese aggregates equipment requires the formulation of industry behavior guidelines.、

Multiple Awards Highlighting Strength

The concurrent holding of the 7th and 8th Council Meeting of the China Aggregates Association and the 2023 Annual Conference. During the event, the association presented certificates and lucky words to donating enterprises and individuals, including NMS, for the Hope Primary School in Huize County.

At this conference, NMS won multiple awards:

01.NMS’s “Aggregate Mother Rock Processing Property Testing Machine” and “Processing of Siliceous High Adsorption Limestone for Concrete in Water-Deficient Nuclear Power Plants” won the “2020 AggregatesTechnology Award.”

02.NMS was awarded the “National Innovation Enterprise in the Aggregates Industry” accolade.

03.NMS was honored with the “National Excellence Award in the Aggregates Industry.

04.NMS won the “Advanced Unit in Enterprise Culture Construction in the National Aggregates Industry.”

05.NMS Awarded as the “Outstanding Equipment Supplier in the National Aggregates Industry”.

06.NMS Honored as the “Exemplary Enterprise in the National Aggregates Industry’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative”.

In addition, NMS received the Association’s certificate for being the unit involved in the formulation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” for the aggregates industry and for having experts participate. NMS Chairman, Shunshan Li, was honored with the “Outstanding Contribution Award” in the aggregates industry, and various NMS staff members were recognized as “Belt and Road” exemplary figures and outstanding correspondents in the aggregates industry.

The comprehensive recognition received by NMS through multiple honors is a testament to the industry and market’s high regard for the company. It serves as a strong endorsement of the brand’s strength, with each accolade reflecting NMS’s unwavering commitment to product quality and innovative services. This will significantly boost NMS’s confidence in its products, enabling the company to accumulate more strength for accelerating high-quality development in the industry. It encourages continuous exploration, providing users with more professional and advanced solutions, ultimately driving the industry towards higher quality development. (By Liu Xiaohan)

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