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NMS Successfully Holds Happy Culture Employee Sports Event


To enrich the lives of employees, enhance physical fitness, strengthen their willpower, and create a positive, resilient, and collaborative corporate culture atmosphere, NMS held the Happy Culture Employee Sports Event in mid-November.

Opening Ceremony of the Sports Event

The sports events include the Eight Pieces of Brocade competition, Mountain Climbing Competition, and the Happiness Culture Street activity. Employees from various departments and subsidiaries of NMS enthusiastically signed up for the competitions, demonstrating a high level of participation. During the sports event, everyone conducted the competitions in an orderly manner, fully showcasing the positive spirit of NMS employees.

Eight Pieces of Brocade Competition

Mountain Climbing Competition

Happy Culture Street Activity

The organization of this employee sports event has provided a platform for employees to showcase themselves, enhance friendships, and temper their willpower. It has ignited a more enthusiastic work spirit and a more positive life attitude among everyone, strengthening the cohesion and centripetal force of the company. It has also further enriched the cultural connotation of the company. Employees have expressed their commitment to firmly establish the concept of “happy work, healthy life,” and to invest greater enthusiasm and confidence in their work. They will continue to promote the spirit of unity, cooperation, and striving for progress, contributing to the development of the company. (By Liu Xiaohan)

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