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【#NMS_Conferences】NMS Shows in Three Conferences


Recently, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (NMS) has shown in the conferences held in Ganzhou, Beijing and Xining to discuss industry development plans and show its style.

1. Beneficiation Technology Seminar of the Nonferrous Metals Society of Jiangxi

In order to communicate research results of mineral processing in the economic transformation in Jiangxi Province, discuss development direction of new technology, new process and new equipment of beneficiation, promote cooperative innovation between experts and enterprises in the nonferrous metals field, and improve technical management of comprehensive utilization and circular economy of mining enterprises, Beneficiation Technology Seminar of the Nonferrous Metals Society of Jiangxi held by the Society itself was held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province from June 23 to 24. NMS showed in the seminar as one of the sponsors.

In the seminar, Liu Hongbin, Manager of Beneficiation Department of NMS R&D Center gave a speech entitled “research and application of high-efficiency screening for beneficiation”, which focused on the basic theory of screening, high-efficiency screening parameters, high-efficiency screening demand and scheme, etc.

NMS flip-flop screen

He mentioned that it was difficult for ordinary screens to directly dry screen materials below 13mm, especially in the case of high moisture content and high viscosity. Aiming at screening for sticky and wet fine materials, NMS has developed NFS flip-flop screen. Its surface has extremely high vibration intensity, which is conducive to the dispersion and screening of materials and solves the agglomeration. The panel is made of polyurethane, which has high opening rate and long service life. When the panel is flip-flopping, a certain amount of deformation will occur in the hole, which makes the materials bonded on the panel easy to fall so as to realize self-cleaning and avoid sticking to the hole. The energy consumption of the equipment is low, the impact on the foundation is small, the amplitude of main equipment is small, the reliability is high, and the impact on the material is small.

NMS hydraulic high-frequency screen

The effective screening of particles and fine materials has been a research topic at present. The lower limit of traditional vibration screening is 1~3mm. For finer materials, other types of classifiers are adopted, which not only changes the process, but also increases the cost. In this case, NMS has launched HFS/V hydraulic high-frequency screen, which uses advanced screening principle to make high-frequency vibration directly on the screen mesh to increase the stratification and separation of materials. The equipment is driven by high-frequency hydraulic exciter, the frequency and amplitude can be adjusted. The beam is independent and uses lightweight design, spring for vibration isolation and side plate will not vibrate. The equipment has passed the inspection of the national mining machinery quality supervision and inspection center, and has been awarded the new product of Jiangxi Province in 2020.

NMS booth

2. 2021 International Mineral Products Investment and Development Summit

Under the new development pattern of domestic big circulation as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation mutual promotion, it is very important for mining enterprises to grasp the high-quality development situation of mineral products, meet new challenges and seize new opportunities. For this reason, NMS participated in 2021 international mineral products investment and development summit held in Beijing on June 24, discussing the high-quality development plan of mining industry. The theme of the summit was “take the high point of industry and focus on development opportunities”. The summit was hosted by Mining World and jointly organized by Beijing Kuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. and Sanjiang Exhibition Company.

NMS booth

3. The 4th Comprehensive Development & Utilization of Mineral Resources and Green Mine Construction Technology & Equipment Forum

From June 24 to 25, the 4th comprehensive development & utilization of mineral resources and green mine construction technology & equipment forum was held in Xining, Qinghai Province, and NMS attended it. The forum aims to promote the exploration, development and utilization of green minerals and green mines in China, communicate the research results, share green mine construction, exert the advantages of industry chain, drive the integration through the mining market, and seek benefits at the junction of industry chain.

NMS booth

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