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NMS Congratulates on Crane Beach Hydropower Station to Operate!


On the morning of June 28, the first batch of equipment units of crane beach hydropower station on Jinsha River, which is the largest hydropower station under construction, the largest single unit capacity and the second largest installed capacity in the world, were put into operation for electricity generation safely and punctually.

Crane beach hydropower station is located on the Jinsha River, where is the junction of Ningnan County in Sichuan Province and Qiaojia County in Yunnan Province. It is developed and constructed by China Three Gorges Corporation. It is a national major project to implement “west-east electricity transmission project” and it is also the largest and the most difficult hydropower project under construction in the world.

The main project of the power station was fully starting in July 2017. The first two units have been put into operation for electricity generation, and all units will be put into operation in July 2022. When the whole power station is completed and put into operation, it will become the second largest hydropower station in the world next to the Three Gorges Project. At that time, the daily electricity generation can meet the domestic power consumption of 500,000 people for a year, saving about 19.68 million tons of standard coal every year, reducing emissions of 51.6 million tons of carbon dioxide, 170,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 150,000 tons of nitrogen oxides.


NMS equipment in the project site

The total amount of concrete required for crane beach hydropower station is 19.892 million m³. More than 100 sets of vibration screens, several spiral sand-washing machines and rod mills from NMS have been used in several aggregates processing systems of the hydropower station to help produce high-quality aggregates for concrete of the hydropower station.

In the 1990s, NMS began to enter the hydropower industry and won nearly 90% of the market share of the screening equipment of the Three Gorges Dam project, which set up a trump for NMS screening equipment in the hydropower system. With the start of the Three Gorges project, NMS screening equipment has gained a great reputation in China’s hydropower system, and has been gradually applied in many hydropower stations home and abroad.

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