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NMS HPF1560 Grizzly Feeder. Maximum Capacity is 800t/h.


The design of NMS HPF1560 grizzly feeder is in line with international advanced level. It is suitable for feeding to primary jaw crusher, primary impact crusher and primary hammer crusher. Its height is low, layout space is small, maximum capacity is 800t/h and maximum feeding size is 1m. It is widely used in aggregates, building materials and metallurgical mines and other industries.

Strong impact resistance

The tank and bearing are designed according to heavy working conditions, with large capacity and strong impact resistance;

The opening of grizzly bar can be adjusted more than 80mm freely and the drop between the bars at both ends is high, which is conducive to the redistribution of materials;

The universal joint is used for drive directly, which is convenient for frequency regulation in a wider range.

Form industry standard

Participate in the formulation of industry standard (JBT 10656-2006 Grizzly Vibration Feeder);

The patented cross reinforcing beams strengthen the tank, which greatly improves the pressure capacity of chamber;

Gear and bearing are isolated, and lubricated separately;

The second screen mesh can be selected to facilitate the accurate isolation of waste materials and soil.


Be suitable for mass production

It is widely used in mobile crushing plant;

Be suitable for mass production;

It can be equipped with variable frequency control cabinet to adjust the frequency according to different site conditions and production requirements.

Long service life

Grizzly bar and liner are easy to replace, and the exciter is easy to maintain;

NM360 wear resistant steel is used for grizzly bar and Q345B low alloy steel is used for liner, so the service life is longer.

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