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NMS Starts Quality Month in 2021


On September 17, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) held the kick-off meeting of quality month in 2021. With the theme of deeply implementing quality improvement actions and vigorously promoting quality for powerful nation, the activity aims to guide and mobilize all staff to improve quality awareness, enhance employees’ enthusiasm to participate in quality improvement, continuously improve the quality assurance system and the internal quality management system of the enterprise, and comprehensively improve the standardization and normalization of quality management. Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, attended the kick-off meeting and made a speech.

Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS was making a speech

Photos of meeting

Chairman Li said that the implementation of quality month was not only a response to the call of nation, but also an urgent need of enterprises in the current form of development. There was no benefit without quality, no market without quality, and no development without quality. If an enterprise wanted to survive for a long time, quality was a key, and delivery without quality was unsuccessful. Only by doing a good job in quality, can it live up to the trust of customers and win the recognition of more customers. The excellent quality required the mutual cooperation of NMS departments and employees. We needed to remember the quality requirements, change mind, put them into action, and transfer from finishing work to well complete it. It is hoped that through quality month, the awareness would be deeply rooted in NMS staff heart. It is hoped that all NMS employees would strictly abide by the quality bottom line, adhere to the quality management in the process, and jointly strive for the goal of improving the quality competitiveness of the enterprise.

Liao Jianqiang, Director of NMS Quality was introducing the arrangement of activity

At the meeting, Liao Jianqiang, Director of NMS Quality deployed the activity arrangement of quality month in 2021. It had four parts: first, carry out quality knowledge training to improve quality management ability and level towards enhancing quality awareness, using quality tools and promoting inspection skills. Second, held quality knowledge competition to achieve the purpose of jointly learning quality knowledge and paying attention to product quality. Third, organized staff to select topics from the quality control, technological innovation and cost control. Fourth, held a welding skill competition to identify versatile talents, improve welding skills and ensure product quality and production efficiency. The activity would last till end of December this year.

At the meeting, all NMS employees took an oath and signed their names on the banner that wrote everyone is responsible for quality improvement to show their determination to practice quality requirements and promote quality improvement.

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