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NMS CC800 Cone Crusher Won the Mining Equipment Quality Award


From September 24 to 25, the 4th (2021) National Green Mining Development Conference was held in Beijing. During the conference, CC800 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher developed by NMS won the 1st mining equipment quality award.

Photos of awarding

In recent years, with gradual improvement of environmental protection requirements and efficient utilization of limited resources, the country is more inclined to the development of large-scale projects, the upgrading of old equipment and the integration of small projects, which makes the market of large-scale equipment gradually clear and the sales prospect broad. As the drafter of the industry standard Strong Cone Crusher JB/T11295-2012 and the national standard Energy Consumption Index of Cone Crusher GB/T26965-2011, NMS knows that it must seize the opportunity, so it is determined to develop a new CC800 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with independent dust-proof system, electric overflow valve overload protection device and AutoRun automatic control system to further enhance the competitiveness of products.

After long-term research and development, NMS has developed CC800 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with the largest size in the domestic industry by using a number of advanced technologies. Its power is 750kW and the maximum processing capacity is 1837t/h. It has the advantages of high capacity, high automation and low operation cost.

CC800 cone crusher makes use of laminating crushing principle and adopts full feeding, so crushing force is big, crushing effect is good, reduction ratio is high and capacity is large. Its energy consumption is 15 ~ 30% lower than that of spring cone crusher, and its maintenance is simple. CC800 is equipped with AutoRun automatic control system as standard, which has the functions of constant CSS, liner life prediction, alarm and so on. It is equipped with 9 types of chambers and 13 kinds of eccentricities, hence, it can be applied to a variety of different working conditions. The new generation positive pressure dust-proof system with 3 groups and 6 independent air ducts is adopted, and dust-proof effect is good. The electric control overflow valve is used to replace the accumulator, and the overload protection is started through the sensor signal, which is faster and more accurate. It is equipped with two-way jack cylinder to realize automatic disassembly of the upper shell, and the maintenance is simple and fast. The equipment is suitable for large-scale metal mines and hard rock crushing.

Application site of CC800

Some customer from Guangdong successively purchased several CC800 cone crushers from NMS to replace certain equipment for crushing granite and producing high-end aggregates. After customer’s onsite use, the relevant data showed that when the motor power was almost unchanged, the hourly output increased by 258.4t, that was 35%, and performance and output of equipment reach or even partially exceeded customer’s expectations, it economic benefits were remarkable.

This award is recognition of NMS scientific research achievements by the industry. NMS will continue to make efforts, walk close to customer needs, vigorously innovate, develop products as the market required, contribute to the technical progress and development of mining equipment, and promote green development of mining industry!

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