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NMS 1st Marketing Day was Held Successfully


On October 7, NMS 1st marketing day was held in Anyi ancient village, Nanchang. On the same day, employees and their families of domestic market business unit, overseas market business unit and Jiangxi Xinkuang Intelligent Maintenance Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “XKIM”) of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) attended the activity.

Anyi ancient village group is a national AAAA scenic spot, famous Chinese historical and cultural village, national agricultural tourism demonstration, top 10 rural scenic spots of Jiangxi Province and top 10 new Yuzhang scenic spots of Nanchang City. It is located at the south foot of Xishan Mountain in Nanchang and is composed of Luotian, Shuinan and Jingtai villages.

NMS staff roamed around the ancient village by sightseeing bus and enjoyed the rich accumulation of Jiangxi business culture and agricultural culture. During the stroll, the giant stone archway built in the Tang Dynasty, the sewage underground in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the thousand-year tall camphor tree, the ancient road paved with granite, the ancient stage and old-style private school built in the Qing Dynasty came into view, just like a thousand-year historical picture was slowly unfolding in front of us, which made people marvel at the wisdom of ancestors.

On that day, NMS awarding ceremony was held under the camphor tree. As awarding guests, Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, Yang Zhenghai, Deputy President of NMS, and Zhang Jing, Deputy General Manager of XKIM, presented sales excellent team, sales model, sales newcomer, technical support star, good service star, after-sales service star, overseas persistence, overseas warrior, overseas dedication and other awards to show gratitude and recognition for their hard work.

The marketing day has strengthened the two-way communication and exchange between enterprise and employees as well as enterprise and employees’ families. The performances and achievements of employees and teams have been fully displayed, which is conducive to building employees’ self-confidence, stimulating employees families’ pride, harmonizing the relationship between team members, and further enriching cultural construction of enterprise, enhancing cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise and helping NMS build model of happiness enterprise.

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