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“Management promotes development, innovation wins future”. NMS Held the 4th Innovation Conference


On September 29, NMS 4th innovation conference with the theme of “management promotes development, innovation wins future” was held successfully. Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, and Gong Youliang, President of NMS attended it.

Gong Youliang, President of NMS was making a speech

President Gong mentioned in his speech that “development was the first priority, talent was the first resource and innovation was the first driving force”. In recent years, NMS has made great efforts in performance, talent, organization and process innovation, and has established a closed-loop management mechanism with goal traction, process control and result-oriented. It has strengthened personnel training and has actively built a learning enterprise. The deep maintenance of customers after the establishment of multiple subsidiaries. Relying on Swedish R&D center and Changsha R&D center to develop new technologies. We have optimized the internal control process, promoted the innovation process with the help of process technology innovation and ERP system upgrading, and made many achievements. At present, in order to adapt to the development of the times, NMS urgently needs disruptive innovation, breaks through the talent bottleneck and improves the ability of independent innovation. This requires us to break through and solidify ideas, consciously put innovation in a prominent position, adhere to breaking the ice with ideas to promote innovation, achieve breakthrough development, practically strengthen the construction of talent team, and truly transform talent intelligence support into high-quality development, strive to seize the commanding heights of the future and win the initiative in development.

At the conference, NMS Ziqingshan innovation club was officially established. With the vision of “building the most innovative organization with agility of NMS” and the mission of “management innovation drives organizational development and technology & innovation lead the future of NMS”, the club aimed to build an innovation platform and jointly help NMS create the future. The club adopts membership organization, and the scope of activities includes innovation activity planning and organization, rationalization suggestions, activity planning and organization, innovation training, lecture, competition as well as innovation project review, reward, landing, tracking, etc.


In order to encourage employees to improve their independent innovation and make every effort to tackle difficult technical and management problems, various awards were awarded at this innovation conference.

Li Shuanshan, Chairman of NMS was presiding over the lecture

Chairman Li presided over the innovation lecture. He explained what innovation was to the audience through the video of innovation round table talk. “If Chinese enterprises didn’t value sustainable innovation, they couldn’t make money. If they didn’t value disruptive innovation, they may be subverted”. In recent years, innovation has become a hot topic of public concern. The modes of innovation basically include independent, integrated and imitation innovations. Innovation mainly includes system, business model and technology innovations. Among them, technology innovation is the core, and it has always been advocated and respected by NMS. However, we know that innovation is a trial and error process. When promoting innovation, enterprises should have a fault-tolerant mechanism. At the same time, they should also improve the level of innovation, reduce blind innovation, reduce the probability of innovation failure, and maximize the benefits of innovation to promote the development of enterprises themselves.

Employees were sharing experience

On the same day, employee representatives also shared experience. The holding of this innovation conference further stimulates the innovation consciousness and passion of all NMS employees, and plays a positive role in promoting improvement and quality, and helping the further development of enterprise management, product and performance.

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