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Live up to Youth, Chase Dreams in North America


At the beginning of September 2021, the work of South America project came to an end. At the same time, NMS crushing equipment ordered by customer has also arrived at two project sites in the U.S. After receiving company’s assignment and the invitation of the U.S. customer, my colleague Benson and I immediately set out from South America to the U.S. to provide technical guidance for equipment installation of the two projects. Another colleague Alex came to join us from Malaysian branch of NMS at the end of this month.

Benson and I met Alex

Because two project sites were far away and overlapped in time, my colleagues and I must go to two sites separately for technical guidance. At project site, we dismantled customers’ old equipment and installed the new equipment of NMS, including crusher, relevant hydraulic system, motor and electric control system. After installation, we did idle run test, test run with material, etc. During this period, the customer changed the production plan and material preparation many times, which made us quickly adjust our previous installation and commissioning plan accordingly. Due to our active communication and cooperation with customer’s operation team, we have been getting along and cooperating well with him, and the problems have been solved smoothly. Although there were some issues in the process, it was still smooth on the whole, and the equipment has been accepted successfully. The customer was very grateful and full of praise for our ability to overcome the epidemic difficulties and provide technical guidance to the project site in the U.S.

Project sites

The successful completion of the work was inseparable from the great investment of the company and the hard work of colleagues. From design change and production delivery to staff dispatch, handling of various procedures for overseas trip during the epidemic, as well as not optimistic epidemic situation in the U.S., even though there were many difficulties, NMS still lived up to its trust, successfully completed the task and met customer needs. This was also another perfect embodiment of the enterprise philosophy that “professional leading, integrity first” that NMS has been adhering to for a long time.

In 2013, several purchasing managers of the customer came to China to look for a supplier. After investigating NMS, they were full of praise for the equipment design and manufacturing capacity of NMS. They were very shocked to see that NMS competed on the same platform with the equipment of an international brand at the site of a domestic project. After returning, the customer planned to purchase NMS crushers for projects in Europe. As we all know, the European Union standards have always been very high. The customer also put forward very harsh conditions before purchasing, requiring our crushing equipment to be tested in a stone factory in Finland to observe whether it met its purchasing conditions. The stone in the project area is one of the hardest to be crushed in the world, and Finland is the headquarters of an international well-known brand in the industry. The difficulty of this cooperation can be easily seen. But, how can NMS miss such a good opportunity to explore the European market? Under the leadership of Chairman Li, NMS R&D has made many improvements to the design and structure of the equipment according to the environmental conditions and production needs of the project. After continuous tests, some parts have been scrapped in the process, and a lot of experience has been accumulated. Finally, the improvement and production of the equipment have been successfully completed.

Chairman Li Shunshan was at project site in Finland

After the equipment arrived at the project site, Chairman Li went to Finland, instructed the installation and debugging on site and carried out technical training for the staff there. The tryouts were successful and the equipment met the customer’s requirements. The professional spirit of NMS made a deep impression on the customer and pushed the successful cooperation between us. After so many years, some items to be noticed written by Chairman Li are still on the whiteboard in the site office because the customer is unwilling to wipe it. Since then, NMS has won the trust of the customer, as well as businesses of the customer in Europe, the U.S., Canada and other regions. We have cooperated in projects continuously till now.

Up to now, the customer has adopted six cone crushers designed and manufactured by NMS in Europe and the U.S., four of which were applied in the U.S. Besides, NMS also provides re-manufacturing service for the parts of the other two sets of equipment.

Nowadays, China and the U.S. are gradually competing in many fields. However, a great number of cooperation opportunities also lie in the competition. Chinese manufacturing enterprises need to expand their businesses abroad and make themselves known in the international market to realize the “Chinese Dream” of making Chinese brands known to the world. Meanwhile, the U.S. is also planning to invest a lot on infrastructure to improve its economy and people’s well-being. The equipment of NMS can be used to support the enterprises in the U.S. to build roads, bridges and buildings, which leads to a great number of cooperation opportunities. Chinese enterprises need to seize the opportunities, control the product quality, improve our technical capabilities and after-sales technical services, so as to take a place in the overseas market. NMS is getting stronger and stronger on the road to expand the U.S. market, marching on to the vision of “International Well-known Brand”.


In Mid-autumn Festival, we made wishes under the same bright moon abroad. On National Day, we celebrated the birth of our great motherland across the ocean. During our stay in the U.S., we missed the hometown. On the project site, the intense ultraviolet rays burnt our skin. In the motel, the noise from the next door prevented us from getting a good sleep and the neighbors got positive in COVID-19 tests made us quite nervous. With all of these adversities, we fully understood the situation as the poem says: “All alone in a strange land, how I long for my folks on this festive day!”

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