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NMS Held 2021 “Quality Month” Welding Skill Competition


In order to continuously improve the welding skills of front-line production staff, train a group of talents with craftsmanship spirit and superb skills, and create an atmosphere of advocating skills and respecting talents, recently, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) held 2021 “quality month” welding skill competition and the selection of “NMS craftsman”.

The competition was composed of theoretical knowledge test and practical operation. The total is 100 marks, written test accounts for 30% and operation accounts for 70%. The operation was assessed by drawing lots and grouping. The operations including 1G position of plate butt flat welding (solid wire CO2 GMAW), 2F position of plate horizontal fillet welding (solid wire CO2 GMAW) and dual-welding of 1G position of plate butt flat welding (solid wire CO2 GMAW). For qualified welders, NMS quality department issued internal welder certificates for them while unqualified welders would be retrained, and they can work again only after passing the training evaluation.

Theoretical test

Li Qiang, Deputy General Manager of NMS Production & Delivery Center, said at the kick-off meeting that welding is a very important part of the whole manufacturing process, which is directly related to product quality. The welding skill competition was also a big review for NMS welders skill. It was hoped that through this activity, we would inspire the elite with competition and stronger skills, build a learning and communication platform for welders, let everyone realize the significance and value of welding, improve welding skills from “skill” to “art” and then to “morality”, inherit and carry forward craftsman spirit and promote product quality.

Li Qiang, Deputy General Manager of NMS Production & Delivery Center was making a speech

In the competition, 19 welders from the workshop showed their skills, picking, blanking, cutting and welding… All links were coordinated in an orderly manner, and the welding gun was waved flexibly in the hands of the welders. After fierce competition, one welding craftsman for first-class, second-class and third-class respectively and several participants were finally selected.

Practical operation

Judges giving scores

“Employee quality determines product quality, and quality dominates the rise and fall of enterprise”. NMS always adheres to the business philosophy of “superior quality meets high requirements”, pays attention to improving the quality awareness of front-line employees and the professional quality of employees, keeps improving in quality control, and emphasizes developing the market with quality and reputation.

This competition witnessed the rise of the new generation of NMS welding talent team and highlighted the achievements of talent training once again. It is hoped that NMS craftsmen will continue to improve themselves, continuously absorb all kinds of training knowledge, help to comprehensively enhance the welding level of each processing center of NMS, improve NMS product quality, and provide customers with more satisfactory high-quality equipment!

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