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NMS Excellent Equipment Shows in 2021 Guangzhou Aggregates Exhibition


On Dec.4, the 7th Guangzhou Aggregates, Quarrying Tailings & Construction Waste Disposal Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “the exhibition”) was held in Guangzhou. Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) was invited to it.

It is the most influential aggregates, construction waste and equipment exhibition in South China. Many excellent sand and aggregates equipment enterprises from home and abroad gathered together, representing the new technology, concept and equipment at the forefront of current sand and aggregates industry competed on the same stage and showed their styles. At Booth T10, Hall 2.1, Zone A of the exhibition center, the large-scale GC4265 gyratory crusher, YCJ and YMS independently developed by NMS attracted popularity with their unique charm.

Lai Zhiguang, President of Guangdong Aggregates Association and others visited the booth of NMS

High output: large gyratory crusher for the big project

NMS GC4265 gyratory crusher adopts international advanced crushing technology and design concept of high efficiency and energy saving, it has the characteristics of large capacity, high crushing efficiency, high reduction ratio, uniform product size, low energy consumption and uniform chamber wear, which is suitable for large-scale production.

It adopts the latest hydraulic balance cylinder protection system, intelligent electrical control system and touch screen system, which can automatically adjust the working state, effectively realize the integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic intelligence, and significantly improve productivity and protect operation reliability. It is the ideal product for large primary crushing.

GC4265 gyratory crusher

Model: GC4265

Feeding opening: 1065mm

Maximum size: 900mm

Discharging opening: 140-175mm

Capacity: 1635-2320t/h

Motor power: 400kW

Weight: 120t

Strong support: debut for equipment selection

The crushability and abrasiveness of materials are the decisive factors for the selection of crushing equipment, that is, the crusher is selected by measuring the crushing work index (Wi) and abrasion index (Ai) of materials. At present, some domestic institutes use manual and mechanical measuring equipment. The test results need to be calculated by professionals, which requires high professional ability and is not suitable for promotion.

In order to select crushing equipment more accurately and efficiently, and better serve customers, NMS has independently developed rock and ore processing attribute testers – YCJ and YMS. And it’s also their debut.

They use the technological achievements of contemporary electromechanical integration and adopt PLC controller to control the test process. The operator only needs to input relevant parameters on the screen, and the equipment will run automatically. After being calculated by the independently developed test software, the results are directly displayed on the screen. The whole process of the test is monitored and recorded, and the data and results can be exported through USB port, which is simple to operate. The testers have low requirements for the professional knowledge of operators, but their efficiency is high. They completely eliminate the error probability of manual data recording. They are suitable for manufacturers and scientific institutes in the rock crushing industry and are suitable for large-scale promotion and application.


Model: TWi-01

Pendulum lifting angle: 0-165°

Pendulum lifting speed: 2-3 rpm

Relative distance of pendulum: 0-100 mm

Material lifting height: 0-100 mm

Material seat size: Φ75 mm

Power: 3.0 kW(380 V 50 Hz)

The lifting angle of the pendulum is automatically completed by the servo motor under the control of PLC. It is automatically lifted within the range of 0-165°, and the angle control is accurate.

Independently developed pendulum impact test software is adopted.

After the pendulum reaches the set lifting angle, the PLC controls the clutch to power off and disengage at the same time, and the double pendulums fall synchronously and freely, and the accuracy is millisecond.

It adopts a steel fully enclosed protective cover, which can effectively prevent the splashing of the part from hurting people and improve the safety.

The pendulum can be changed to reduce use cost of the equipment.

Data, results and test monitoring videos (pictures) can be exported through USB.


Model: TAi-01

Electronic scale: 200 g /0.1 mg

Rock size: 12-19 mm

Standard sample: 100士1 g

Power: 2.25 kW(380 V 50 Hz)

The test process is controlled by PLC controller, and the patented speed reduction transmission structure is adopted. The speed of the rotating shaft and drum is adjusted by the frequency conversion speed regulating motor, which can realize the concentricity, same direction and different speed rotation of the rotating shaft and drum.

It can simulate the abrasion of metal sample under general and specific conditions.

The weight data can be processed by itself. The electronic scale is connected with PLC through serial interface to transmit the weight data to PLC for automatic calculation.

The chamber adopts replaceable wear-resistant liner to effectively prolong its service life.

The operation parameters, time, weighing values and test results can be displayed on the screen, and the test data can be downloaded through USB port.

Highlights of the exhibition:

Xu Kunhe, General Manager of NMS Domestic Business Unit (South China) was interviewed by the media

Full of people at NMS booth

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