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NMS: donation shows responsibility, special birthday warms heart


Recently, the epidemic situation in various regions has been repeated. Facing, current severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) acts quickly to practice social responsibility, donate epidemic prevention materials and help prevention and control; while doing a good job in internal prevention and control, NMS conveys warmth with practical actions.

Material donation

On March 29, NMS donated disinfectant, mineral water, nutritional milk powder and other medical materials and food to the middle-aged and elderly care center in Xihu District, Nanchang to help prevent and control the epidemic.

Nanchang Zhongzheng elderly care center was established in 2006. It is reported that two thirds of more than 300 elders in the center are disabled and unintelligent, with an average age of 83. In order to ensure their safety, the center adopts closed management according to the requirements of epidemic prevention. However, due to the closure, it is unable to go out and purchase, resulting in a shortage of some materials. Knowing this, NMS labor union committee and happy enterprise construction committee urgently prepared a batch of materials to contribute to the elderly care center.  

Special birthday

In order to care for employees and create a warm atmosphere of family culture, NMS organizes a collective birthday party every month. As the epidemic affected the gathering, NMS HR Center specially provided birthday cakes and gifts for employees who were born in March one by one, and presented birthday songs. This special action has won their praise. The epidemic is ruthless but the enterprise is kind! 

Photos of employees

We continue doing good deeds during COVID-19 period;

Working together to overcome the difficulties.  

We are going to win this battle, definitely! 


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