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Two Latest National Standards: Construction Aggregates and Construction Pebble & Gravel Drafted by NMS Approved!


On April 15, State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Standardization Administration of the PRC (SAC) issued No. 6 announcement of 2022 on approving the issuance of 245 recommended national standards such as construction aggregates and two amendments to national standards, which marking the two national standards that Construction Aggregates (No. GB/T 14684-2022) and Construction Pebble & Gravel (No. GB/T 14685-2022) drafted by Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (NMS) were approved officially. 

The establishment of perfect sand and aggregates standards as well as quality testing systems is the key to ensure the industry to move towards carbon neutralization and promote high-quality and sustainable development of the industry. It is understood that two former standards that Construction Aggregates (No. GB/T 14684-2011) and Construction Pebble & Gravel (No. GB/T 14685-2011) have been implemented for more than ten years, and some contents are not suitable for development of the industry and need to be further revised and improved.  

The newly drafted Construction Aggregates and Construction Pebble & Gravel are under the management of China Building Materials Federation, drafted by China Aggregates Association, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and others, and NMS is one of the main drafting enterprises. The revision of Construction Aggregates (GB / T 14684-2022) puts forward higher requirements for class I aggregates on the basis of retaining main technical requirements of former standards and in combination with requirements of high-performance concrete, and puts forward gradation requirements of screening residue, the flake particle content index of manufactured sand and corresponding test methods. The definition of pebble and gravel in Construction Pebble & Gravel (GB/T 14685-2022) is revised, the definition of irregular particle is added, the definition of silt content of pebble is modified, and the definition of silt content of gravel is added.    

The two newly revised national standards will be officially implemented from November 1, 2022, which will provide critical support for promoting the quality improvement of China’s sand and aggregates products under the new situation and lead sand and aggregates industry to achieve high-quality development.   

For a long time, NMS has been focusing on “selecting high-quality raw materials, creating premium manufacturing, providing superior services and carrying forward high spirit”, creating a market-oriented scientific and technological R&D system with technological innovation as the “engine”, committing to “superior quality meets high requirements”, and winning customer’s recognition and trust with premium products and services. It has independently developed a number of high-end advanced crushing and screening equipment, which has filled the technical gaps in many domestic and industrial fields. Therefore, it has won a series of honors, such as “national high-tech enterprise”, “national specialized and sophisticated enterprise that produces new and unique products and little giant”, “provincial enterprise technology center”, “Jiangxi intelligent manufacturing pilot model enterprise”, “model enterprise of scientific and technological innovation in the 13th five-year-plan of CHMIA” and so on.

Since 2005, NMS has exclusively drafted or participated in the drafting, release and implementation of 20 national and industrial standards. The formal implementation of two national standards drawn by NMS shows enthusiasm and responsibility of the enterprise, and is a powerful embodiment of enterprise’s contribution to promoting high-quality development of the industry.  

In the future, NMS will continue leading with the vision of “quality benchmark of industry, model of happiness enterprise and international well-known brand” to ensure development of “specialization and sophistication”, strengthen brand with quality and promote development with service, and make due contributions to development of the industry.  


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