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597-million Investment! The Industrialization Project of Key Supporting Parts of NMS High-performance Intelligent Crusher Started Officially


As one of the major key projects to be started in Nanchang in the second quarter of 2022, on May 19, the industrialization project of key supporting parts of high-performance intelligent crusher of Jiangxi Gold Intelligent Service Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. held a commencement ceremony. 

It is reported that the project covers an area of 200.8 mu, with a total construction area about 79,000 square meters and a total investment about 597 million yuan. The project will be constructed in two phases, phase I is expected to be installed and commissioned in June, completed and put into operation in September 2023 as well as phase II in December 2024. 

After completion of the project, the production of key supporting parts such as high-performance wear-resistant parts can be realized. It is estimated that the profits and taxes will be tens of millions RMB, and more than 350 new jobs will be created.

Li Hongjun, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee & Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, announced commencement at the main venue of the centralized commencement of major projects in Nanchang in the second quarter of 2022. Wan Guangming, Mayou of Nanchang, made a speech.

Gao Zhaobiao, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of Nanchang Wanli Administration Bureau, spoke at the sub-venue of the centralized commencement of major projects and the project commencement site of NNMS in the second quarter of 2022.



Green drive and digital empowerment to build a new benchmark of green intelligent factory

Green development is a “must answer” that resonates with the frequency of times. Following the steps of national dual carbon strategy, NMS is committed to building a diversified and green integrated “intelligent manufacturing factory” from “low carbon” and “development”, developing and manufacturing green and low-carbon products, and adding a “new engine” for the leap forward and leapfrog development of the industry.   

Aerial view of project


The project takes “green, intelligent and high-quality” as the general strategy of project positioning, and aims to build a “industrial leading factory”, “lean production factory”, “green manufacturing factory” and “intelligent manufacturing factory”. At the beginning of project planning, NMS has listed green, energy saving and environmental protection as one of the primary tasks, strictly followed national & local environmental protection standards and relevant policies & requirements, planned to introduce the overall intelligent dust removal system, promote clean & green production, implement recycling and comprehensive utilization of hazardous wastes, carry out circular economy and realize sustainable development of the project. At the same time, relying on the intelligent control system, the whole project will realize the whole process intelligent control integrating intelligent design, management, production, storage and cloud office, and build the greenest and most intelligent production and operation system.

Construction site of Project


“Industrialization project of key supporting parts of high-performance intelligent crusher” is a supporting project for NMS to optimize industrial layout, give full play to the advantages of intelligent products, markets and services, and promote enterprise to realize health, environmental protection, sustainable development and maximize resource value. The implementation of project will greatly improve its overall strength and competitiveness, and accelerate the transformation of NMS from a manufacturing enterprise to a manufacturing service one. It will effectively help NMS to realize the vision that “NMS technology, quality, internationalization, benefit and service”, and develop into a leading brand of domestic crushing and screening equipment and solutions.

Next, NMS will promote project construction with high standards and high-quality, strive to achieve production and efficiency as soon as possible, play a leading role, and endeavor to build itself into a green intelligent manufacturing benchmark factory and a new business card for Nanchang industry to make more and greater contributions to the development of local economy and industry.


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