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Exhibition Warm-up | NMS Invites You to DRC MINING WEEK


From June 1 to 3, DRC MING WEEK will be held at Pullman Grand Karavia Hotel in Lubumbashi, DRC. Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. Africa (hereinafter referred to as “NMS Africa”) will appear at booths D14-D15 to show crusher spare parts and screens manufactured by itself. Welcome to visit and guide!   

It is understood that DRC MINING WEEK is the only high-level conference and exhibition in DRC. It provides a platform for the general public to exclusively visit the mining ecosystem of DRC. At that time, business leaders, senior government officials and international investors will get together to gain insight into the latest market and political developments of DRC.


Located in the Congo Basin of Central Africa, DRC is rich in mineral resources and is known as the “world raw material warehouse”. In 2017, NMS Africa was established in Johannesburg, South Africa. At present, the company has several foreign and expatriate Chinese employees, who are jointly responsible for the development and maintenance of business in the whole African region. Currently, NMS has set a spare parts warehouse in Johannesburg and is preparing to build another in Zambia to cover Central Africa.  

In recent years, NMS Africa has thoroughly implemented enterprise decision-making and deployment, adhered to market orientation, implemented customer first, established a close and effective communication mechanism with customers, achieved a series of new achievements and progresses with premium products and services as well as good driving force, and improved its brand popularity and reputation effectively in Africa.

NMS projects in Africa

Copper ore project 1, DRC


Copper ore project 2, DRC


Copper ore project 3, DRC


Gold ore project, South Africa


Manganese ore project 1, South Africa


Manganese ore project 2, South Africa


Manganese ore project 3, South Africa


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