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Again! NMS Attended the 8th Guangzhou International Aggregates Exhibition!


From August 9 to 11, the 8th Guangzhou International Aggregates, Quarrying Tailings & Construction Waste Disposal Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “the Exhibition”) was held in Guangzhou. Many excellent sand & aggregates equipment enterprises home and abroad gathered together.

NMS brought three trump products to the exhibition again. The large-scale GC5065 gyratory crusher, YCJ and YMS shown on the site attracted many guests for communication and cooperation. NMS New Technology Material Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NMS also showed its eight screen meshes, and a number of customers were consulting there.



GC5065 gyratory crusher is applied in many projects

Large-scale GC5065 gyratory crusher

NMS GC5065 gyratory crusher adopts international advanced crushing technology and efficient energy saving design concept. It has high processing capacity, high crushing efficiency, large reduction ratio, uniform product size, low energy consumption and uniform wear in the crushing chamber and so on, which is suitable for large-scale production.

The maximum feeding size of NMS GC5065 gyratory crusher is 1070mm, the maximum discharge size is controlled within 300mm and its product size is uniform. At the same time, it saves energy by 5% – 10% compared with jaw crusher, and it has reached international advanced level. It has been developed for nearly ten years, which can be widely used in metal mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, building material and other large-scale primary crushing material. It has been fully praised by customers!



Mother rock processing attribute tester

YCJ and YMS independently developed by NMS adopt scientific and technological achievements of modern electromechanical integration. PLC controller is used for test process. The operator only needs to input relevant parameters on the screen, and the equipment will run automatically. After calculation by test software developed independently, the results are directly displayed and output, so the automation is high.

The whole process of the test is monitored and recorded. The test data and results can be exported through USB. The operation is simple, safe and reliable. The tester has low requirements for operator’s professional knowledge. It has high efficiency, and completely eliminates the error probability of manual data recording. It is suitable for all manufacturers and research institutes in the rock crushing industry and is suitable for large-scale promotion and application.

In addition to making great efforts in product display and booth design, NMS also made a series of activities such as lucky draw and Q&A on the site, striving to provide the best experience to the guests. The activities were also warmly welcomed by everyone. It was crowded and lively there. Several media came to NMS booth for interview and gave high attention to it.

Gong Youliang, President of NMS was accepting an interviewing by CSSGLW


Xu Kunhe, General Manager of South China of NMS Domestic Business Unit, was accepting an interview

Time flies! The annual Guangzhou International Aggregates Exhibition comes to an end. Looking back, NMS has been focusing on the crushing and screening industry more than 50 years. It follows the pace of the times, pays attention to the real needs of customers, and is committed to creating superior products to meet customer’s high requirements. Looking forward, NMS will continue unswervingly following its innovation, making efforts in high-quality products and excellent services, and striving to promote the high-quality development of the industry with colleagues!

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