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NMS Attends 2021-2022 (12th) China Mining Science & Technology Conference


“Science and innovation to promote high-quality development of mining industry”. From August 11-13, 2021-2022 (the 12th) China Mining Science and Technology Conference was held in Chongqing. NMS appeared at the conference.

It was understood that the conference was jointly sponsored by the school of resources and safety of Chongqing University, national key laboratory of coal mine disaster dynamics and control, Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology, Chongqing Iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd. and so on. The conference lasted for three days. From its inception in 2010 to 2020, China Mining Science and Technology Conference has been successfully held in Suzhou, Xi’an, Jinan, Nanjing, Hefei, Chengdu, Shenyang, Nanchang, Shijiazhuang, Xining and Ma’anshan for 11 times, with nearly 7000 participants and more than 800 exhibitors. It has become a veritable high-end technology communication and equipment display platform in the industry.

During the conference, representatives of entrepreneurs and industry experts made speeches and discussions on topics such as environmental management policies, ecological environment treatment of mining areas, solid waste recycling treatment, new mineral processing technology, intelligent mines, and innovative development, which presented the attendees with a continuous feast of high-level and professional views.

At the conference, Zhou Peng, Sales Manager of NMS Mining Business Unit, made a speech entitled “Application of Intelligent Crushing Equipment in Mineral Resources Development”. He focused on four aspects: enterprise introduction, product introduction, intelligent application of products and some field applications.

He mentioned that NMS has a strong scientific research strength. The YCJ and YMS testers independently developed by ourselves have filled the gap in the testing equipment, which are the processing properties of parent rock in China. The equipment has reached international advanced level in terms of program control technology, safety, data storage and transmission. The crushing and screening process flow design software Flowsheet Designer developed by NMS Swedish R&D Center can be used for simulating and calculating crushing and screening process, capacity and product size distribution curve, providing the grading distribution and proportion data table of minerals at each node, and providing professional solutions for customers.  

In addition, NMS is actively transforming to intelligent manufacturing and digitization. It cooperates with Rockwell to create an intelligent operation and maintenance platform based on the Internet of things, which can provide service support such as real-time data collection of equipment, equipment operation status monitoring, remote maintenance guidance, full life cycle management, intelligent analysis of operation data and predictive analysis, and provide customers with digital delivery and integrated operation and maintenance services to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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