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NMS Co-sponsored the 9th National Aggregates Industry Science & Technology Conference


From August 16 to 18, the 9th National Aggregates Industry Science & Technology Conference hosted by China Aggregates Association (CAA) was held in Wuahan. NMS, as the co-sponsor, attended it.

The theme of the conference is “strengthening scientific and technological innovation, building an industrial ecology, serving national construction”. It aims to give full play to the supporting role of science and technology in the high-quality development of the aggregates industry under the new situation, build a platform for aggregates enterprises, promote communication of new technologies, achievements, concepts and models in aggregates and equipment industry, promote green, low-carbon, safe and high-quality development of the industry, and efficiently serve the construction of national infrastructure.

At the conference, Hu Youyi, President of CAA, made a report entitled “building an aggregates industry ecology to promote its high-quality development”. The report introduced China’s economic growth, real estate development, investment and sales, price changes of industrial producers, purchasing manager index and import & export trade in the first half of the year.

01 NMS helps you win with intelligence in the times of technology

At present, with the development of digital technology, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies are deeply integrated with production, operation and safety management. A number of intelligent mines and digital mines have emerged in the aggregates industry. But, how to build intelligent production lines and what kind of intelligent production lines? NMS will give you the answer.

On the afternoon of August 16, the symposium on stable growth of the aggregates industry was held. On the theme report of “new concept, new technology, new mode and new business form”, Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS made a report entitled “discussion on the market competitiveness of intelligent aggregates processing production line”. The report elaborated on digital and intelligent mine construction, enterprise operation development and market competition. Meng Zhi, Director of NMS Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Center, solemnly introduced “NMS. Smart Winner” – a platform dedicated to helping you reshape production management “.

NMS.Smart Winner integrates innovation and proprietary technology into each equipment, and is committed to providing customers with full equipment life cycle services. Through on-site data-driven decision-making, the management capacity of the production line will be significantly improved, so as to obtain higher net income. The platform can provide solutions in four aspects: safety management, productivity analysis, equipment status monitoring and spare parts management, and report unsafe behaviors around the equipment 24 hours to ensure safe production; analyze each equipment and comprehensive energy efficiency of the production line, reasonably optimize the process flow, and effectively improve productivity; improve the visibility of the real-time state of the equipment, carry out abnormality detection and fault warning through machine learning algorithm, provide remote assistance tools, realize the predictive maintenance of the equipment, and greatly reduce the operation and maintenance cost; effectively diagnose the root cause of the problem, formulate a scientific spare parts procurement plan, improve the spare parts inventory turnover rate, and continuously provide customized support plans.

In order to focus on the crux of business partners, the platform has expanded its innovation to the periphery of the equipment and has developed a VR based remote assistance tool and a security management system based on video behavior analysis. Based on the powerful computing and analysis capabilities of Rockwell’s industrial Internet of things, customers can accurately understand the operation of equipment anytime and anywhere, predict the occurrence of problems in advance, and understand the utilization rate, availability rate, problems and details affecting efficiency through reports. A strong expert team can realize a high degree of connecting between data and field management.

The smart wins in the times of technology. NMS.Smart Winner successfully connects the R&D, manufacturing, user and service through the data on the production site. The data is continuously received, verified, improved and promoted in all aspects of the whole life cycle of the equipment, and continues to serve the lean production of customers to help customers achieve high production, stable production and low consumption, and will bring new service experience to customers.


02 NMS solutions assist you in the post-epidemic times

In the first half of the year, the epidemic broke out in many places, and various investment and construction projects were suspended. China’s economy was down, and the pressure was unprecedented. Subsequently, the demand for aggregates equipment was not strong, and the competition was fierce. Facing this situation, where should aggregates enterprises go?

In order to solve the crux of the current industry, Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, explained NMS solutions in his report on how to rebuild the market competitiveness of aggregates production enterprises in the post-epidemic times.

He pointed out that the current development of aggregates industry was changing deeply. Under continuous epidemic in the past three years, the aggregates industry, which has been developing rapidly for seven or eight years, was affected by factors such as insufficient newly started infrastructure projects, reduced investment in real estate development, and excessive investment in regional mineral rights. In some areas, the overcapacity of aggregates appeared, the price fell, and the future development of the industry was full of challenges.

When it was buyer’s market and the price was key, how to maintain the market competitiveness of large, medium and small aggregates enterprises was a matter of concern. NMS started from customer’s needs, focused on technology, management and enterprise culture, aimed at high capacity, stable production and consumption reduction, broke through bottlenecks at all levels, strengthened R&D and focused on lean, built an intelligent operation and maintenance platform, introduced digital marketing, and comprehensively transformed and upgraded to intelligent manufacturing.

In view of the key points of aggregates production technology, NMS developed YCJ and YMS testers, which were specially used for the analysis of rock processing characteristics to help equipment selection. The new process calculation software FlowSheet Designer independently developed by NMS Sweden R&D center could automatically calculate the flow and product ratio, simulate the impact of operating parameters on the calculation results in real time, and help optimize the process flow. NMS had a complete set of high-end crushing and screening products, which could fully meet customer’s needs and create benefits for them. In addition, NMS and Hubei Chudao Drilling Equipment Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of Nanchang Mining Service Technology Co., Ltd., which could provide professional production, operation and maintenance, help mining enterprises improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency, and enhance market competitiveness.


03 YCJ&YMS born to test rock

No reliable basis for equipment selection? Low accuracy of original testing equipment? No uniform international testing standard? NNS will help you solve the above problems.

During the dinner on 17th, NMS held the launch event for YCJ&YMS testers. NMS developed them based on the principle of crushing power and abrasion index testing and with the help of automation and software technology to provide critical of crushing power index and abrasion index. They can provide important parameter for equipment selection, support input of process flow design parameters, and make the evaluation of manufactured sand parent rock mine more comprehensively.



These two testers have filled the gap in the mechanical processing performance test of parent rock in China. In 2020, CAA organized experts to appraise the scientific and technological achievements of NMS aggregates parent rock processing property testers. The results showed that their overall level was leading in China and had reached international advanced level in terms of program control technology, safety, data storage and transmission.

The two testers use scientific and technological achievements of modern electromechanical integration and PLC controller to control the test process. The operator only needs to input relevant parameters on the screen, and the equipment will run automatically. After calculation by the independently developed test software, the results will be directly displayed and output, with a high degree of automation. The whole process of the test is monitored and recorded. The test data and results can be exported through the USB, and the operation is simple. The testers have low requirements on operator’s professional knowledge. They have high work efficiency, and completely eliminate the error probability of manual data recording. They are applicable to all manufacturers and scientific research institutes in the rock crushing industry and are suitable for large-scale promotion and application.  

Highlights of conference

Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS was receiving an interview

Yang Zhenhai, Vice President of NMS was attending the conference

NMS booth was full of people

NMS held lucky draw



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