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Full of Highlights! NMS Shows in the 2nd Zhengzhou International Aggregates Exposition Brilliantly!


From Aug. 22 to 24, the 2nd China (Zhengzhou) international aggregates & tailings and construction solid waste treatment technology exposition (the exposition) with the theme of “green intelligence, cooperation and win-win” was opened in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (NMS) showed in the event as the organizer. 

Signing for win-win

On 22nd, NMS signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wafangdian Bearing Group Corp., Ltd.(WB) at the opening ceremony of exposition. Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, and Wang Wei, Member of the Party Committee & Deputy General Manager of WB, as representatives of both parties, signing the agreement on the stage. 

WB has cooperated with NMS for more than 20 years, and both sides have witnessed each other’s development. Founded in 1938, as one of the top 100 enterprises in China’s machinery industry and double top 100 benchmark enterprises, WB insists on taking technological innovation as the core and has built 9 manufacturing bases home and abroad, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands on high-end bearings and promoting development of the entire domestic bearing industry. Founded in 1970, based on more than 50 years’ professional experience and continuous pursuit of technological progress, NMS has grown into a well-known enterprise in domestic crushing and screening industry. It is one of the leading medium and high-end mining machinery equipment suppliers and service providers in China. Its end users are all over the mining, hydropower, nuclear power, stone, building materials, chemicals and other industries home and abroad. Its equipment is exported to more than 60 countries and regions and serves many global top 500 enterprises.

As the leading enterprises in their own industries, the signing of the strategic agreement between the two sides will play a positive role in promoting further development. Both sides will also take this signing as an opportunity to continuously expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, strengthen complementary advantages, and achieve a higher level of mutually beneficial and win-win development.

New product shows strength

On the afternoon of 22nd, 2022 China Green Intelligent Mine Construction and Solid Waste Treatment & Restoration Summit was held. Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, made a speech entitled “coping strategies of sand and aggregates production enterprises under the comprehensive market competition”. The new product brought by NMS — large double shaft self-synchronous elliptical screen 2MOS3675 was also launched in the summit.

It is understood that, compared with the traditional linear motion vibration screen of the same specification, the strength of NMS MOS high-efficiency self-synchronous elliptical screen is up to 6G. The equipment combines the elliptical trajectory with the principle of equal thickness screening, and combines forced synchronization and self-synchronization to achieve elliptical motion, which improves the processing capacity by 25% and screening efficiency by 5%. It can be widely used in the screening of aggregates, metallurgy, mine, coal and other fields.

NMS 2MOS3675 elliptical screen is designed by simulation analysis. The frame is equipped with non-welded side plates, cold-drawing rectangular tube beams and large hopper, with high durability and reliability. Large layer spacing, the maintenance layer spacing increases by 50%, which is convenient for screen replacement and equipment maintenance. The modular MDI double high screen is configured to effectively reduce the screen replacement time by 65%, reduce the blocking rate of the screen, and improve the screening efficiency. For the beam, shield and side plate, polyurethane, rubber and other forms of wear-resistant protection are provided, which effectively extend service life. The secondary vibration isolation system can reduce 70% of the impact load on the foundation, which effectively reduces the capital investment and resonance. The intelligent control system realizes real-time monitoring of the vibration state of the screen, provides predictive maintenance scheme, and ensures the stability of the screen.

First live broadcast to empower the brand

In order to give full play to the dissemination and influence of new media, NMS carried out two live broadcasts for “new product release” and “5G green mine visit” during the exposition to send gifts to friends who paid attention to NMS, and take them a virtual tour to Jiaozuo Qianye New Material project site. This was also the first time that NMS has explored online live broadcasting. With the help of network media, NMS brand was known to more people. The brand-new online and offline double interaction modes have accumulated popularity for NMS and effectively improved its publicity and recognition.

This time, NMS booth is 288 square meters, 5 sets of equipment, including JC2200 jaw crusher, HS1827S impact crusher, 2MOS3075 elliptical screen, YMS TAi-01 and YCJ TWi-01 were shown at booth T36, Hall B, Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition center. The excellent large-scale equipment attracted many people to the booth, and there was an endless stream of visitors and consultants. 

Walk into the project and talk about “green”

On 24th, NMS organized a 5G tour to green mine of Jiaozuo Qianye New Material Co., Ltd. After arriving at the project site, the guests visited the central control room, production line and 5G green mine. In the production park, there were seven 10000-ton finished sand and aggregates storage warehouses towering into the clouds. It was verdant with luxuriant trees and pleasant environment there.  

During the exposition, NMS organized many wonderful activities. As the tour ended, the exposition also ended successfully.

In the future, NMS continues focusing on innovation with customer’s demand as the starting point, brings more new concepts, technologies and equipment to the industry, and joins hands with colleagues to inject new power into the green and sustainable development of the industry. At the same time, we will continue innovating the activity form, open a new perspective of brand building, and highlight NMS brand style!

More highlights

Hu Youyi, President of CAA and other guests visited NMS booth and took a photo

Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, was interviewed by Zhengzhou Radio and Television Station

Zhao Bin, Deputy Chief Engineer of NMS Domestic Market Business Unit, made a report entitled “key factors for the success of large-scale sand and aggregates processing plants” at the project promotion meeting



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