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Good News! NMS is Awarded National Demonstration Enterprise for Building Harmonious Labor Relations


Recently, Nanchang Mineral System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) won was awarded “National Demonstration Enterprise for Building Harmonious Labor Relations”.

It is understood that 350 enterprises in China have been commended, including 12 enterprises in Jiangxi Province and 2 in Nanchang City.

As a well-known enterprise in the domestic crushing and screening industry, NMS is committed to becoming “industry quality benchmark, model of happiness enterprise, and international well-known brand”. Its business covers technology research, design, product development, equipment manufacturing, and production and operation of mineral and aggregates processing. Through technological, product, management, service innovation and other ways, NMS promotes technology and products to the world, and actively builds a harmonious labor relationship with the characteristics of the new era with the goal of pursuing the material and mental well-being of all employees.

In recent years, NMS has vigorously promoted the establishment of harmonious labor relations, taking “model of happiness enterprise” as its unremitting pursuit. NMS always adheres to the leadership of party building, and takes strengthening the party building in non-public enterprises as a strong support for building harmonious and stable labor relations. NMS fully implements the labor security laws and regulations, standardizes employment management, and the signing rate of the Labor Contract, social insurance, housing fund and other payment rates reached 100%. It establishes and improves the safety production responsibility system and the labor protection supervision and inspection system of the trade union, improves the assistance mechanism, deeply promotes the construction of the labor relations consultation and coordination mechanism, establishes the staff congress system, creates the “three divisions and one room”, and fully protects the rights to know, to participate, to express, and to supervise of employees.

NMS takes “family” as the core of enterprise culture, actively creates a harmonious humanistic atmosphere, enriches the staff’s spiritual and cultural activities, establishes a “Happiness Enterprise Construction Committee” to promote the construction of happiness enterprise, and issues the guidance for enterprise’s humanistic education and care. It adheres to the principle of cultivating talents and assisting students, sets up scholarships in many colleges and universities, cooperates in the establishment of “employment practice bases”, builds an internal training institution – Ziqingshan Academy, opens an online learning platform for it, and sets up festivals such as “Health Day”, “Marketing Day”, “Innovation Day”, and “Craftsman Day” to care for employees, encourage employees to improve their skills and knowledge, and expand their growth. At the same time, NMS actively fulfills its social responsibilities, helps the poor, donates money and materials, and continues to make contributions to regional economic and social development, playing a leading role in creating employment and driving regional economic and social development.

In the future, NMS will continue playing an exemplary and value leading role, basing itself on enterprise development, innovating working ideas and methods, further building a standardized, orderly, fair and reasonable, mutually beneficial, harmonious and stable labor relationship, and making unremitting efforts towards building a “model of happiness enterprise”!


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