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The Fifth Innovation Conference: let innovation prevail in NMS!


In order to stimulate the innovation awareness and passion of all employees, create an innovative atmosphere, strengthen NMS on innovation, and drive high-quality development with innovation, on September 29, NMS held the fifth innovation conference. The theme of this conference is “innovation leads the future, lean builds a strong enterprise”. Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, Gong Youliang, the President and others attended it.

Chairman Li introduced in his speech that innovation ranked first among five national development concepts of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”. Over the years, NMS has also been committed to innovation. Whether in research and development, production and manufacturing, intelligent operation and maintenance, or in sales, operation and management, we have been trying to improve, enhance product performance, promote efficiency and reduce operating costs. Many NMS employees have done a lot of work for innovation and made great achievements. Today, we should not only be proud of our achievements, but also express our gratitude to all those who have made outstanding contributions to innovation.

Currently, NMS has more than 400 patents, it has been selected as national high-tech enterprise, national specialized and new “little giant” enterprise, national demonstration enterprise for the establishment of harmonious labor relations, provincial engineering technology center of Jiangxi Province, provincial post-doctoral innovation practice base, mineral processing engineering equipment technology research center of Jiangxi, and undertaker of innovation fund project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In recent years, NMS has included intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation into its development strategy, and has vigorously promoted it. It has jointly built an intelligent operation and maintenance platform based on the Internet of Things to collect and integrate large amounts of equipment data, promote the digital transformation of the whole process of operation and maintenance to achieve the goals of improving customer experience, reducing manual dependence and helping customer reduce costs & increase efficiency.

Chairman Li said that although we have done a lot of work, NMS has a long way to go in the future. He put forward several views on how to further improve innovation in the future:

Make full use of NMS Ziqingshan Innovation Club to do a good job, provide support from the organization, guidance from the plan, and support from the funds to maximize the functions of the club, cultivate the innovation concept of all employees, and set off a new wave of innovation for everyone.

Go out to learn from other companies, strengthen communication with the outside through the club, build bridges with government agencies, colleges and universities, and enterprises in the industry, break through the shackles of the inherent mode of thinking, and develop innovation capabilities.

Optimize incentive policies, increase rewards, set up more valuable innovation awards, enhance influence, and escort innovation. Set up a variety of key research projects not limited to departments, jointly carry out key research, and promote collaborative innovation.

He pointed out that “grasp innovation is to grasp development, seek innovation is to seek the future. Everyone can innovate, and everyone must innovate. Only through innovation, can I be better today than yesterday, and I will be better tomorrow than today. To be better ourselves, we must first have the sense of innovation, and use innovative thinking to solve problems in specific work.” He hoped that this innovation conference could play a role in enlightening all employees, let innovation prevail in NMS, and become a powerful engine to promote a new round of high-quality development of NMS.   

NMS patent wall was officially unveiled during the conference.

At the conference, honorary membership certificates were issued to the members of Ziqingshan Innovation Club, and membership certificates were issued to participants of the conference.

On the day, some representatives of departments, units and subsidiaries shared their innovation, carried out training and rationalization proposal sharing.



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