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The 2nd NMS Marketing Day was Held Successfully


On October 7, the 2nd NMS marketing day was held as scheduled. This event was undertaken by Jiangxi Gold Intelligent Service Engineering Co., Ltd. (GIS), a subsidiary of NMS. More than 100 employees and their families participated in the event.

The tourism attraction of this marketing day is Nanchang Relic Museum for Haihun Principality of the Han Dynasty. NMS employees and their families walked into the museum. Looking around, they saw a dazzling array of gold and jade articles, a mountain of five baht coins, and exquisite bronze and lacquered wood articles. At the end of the tour, they had a comprehensive understanding of the history and culture of Haihun Principality, and were deeply shocked by the strong and colorful culture of the Han Dynasty.

On the same day, an awarding ceremony was also held. Liu Min, Vice President of NMS and General Manager of GIS, and Sun Jidong, Deputy General Manager of Domestic Market Business Unit & General Manager of Mining Business Unit were presenting awards to outstanding teams and individuals.

The purpose of this event is to further enrich NMS culture construction, create a harmonious atmosphere, strengthen two-way communication between employees and their families, fully display performance and achievements of employees and teams, build up employee’s self-confidence, stimulate their families’ sense of pride, harmonize relationship between team members, enhance enterprise cohesion, and empower the construction of “model of happiness enterprise”.   

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