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Breaking News! NMS is Approved to Set up a National Post-doctoral Research Station


Recently, it was learned from Jiangxi Province Human Resources and Social Security Department that the Office of National Post-doctoral Management Committee issued the Letter on the Filing of the First Post-doctoral Scientific Research Station of 2022. NMS was in, and was approved to set up a national postdoctoral scientific research station. It is the only enterprise selected in Nanchang this time. This is also another important achievement of NMS in the construction of scientific research platform and high-level personnel training.

As a leading enterprise in the crushing and screening industry for many years, NMS has always adhered to “technology is the first productive force, talent is the first resource, innovation is the first power” for many years, attached great importance to industry-university-research cooperation, continued strengthening the construction of talent team, and constantly improved sustainable development strength, comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence of NMS.

In 2020, NMS was approved to establish a municipal doctoral research innovation center and a provincial post-doctoral innovation practice base. Since the establishment, relying on the two platforms, NMS has carried out a number of research projects in equipment performance improvement and key technology research, and effectively promoted the pre-research, transformation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, with the station as the link, NMS has maintained close industry-university-research cooperation with East China Jiaotong University, China University of Mining and Technology, Central South University, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and other university teams, accelerated the application and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivated high-level talents.

 This approval is the full praise from the nation, province and city on technological innovation, scientific research management, achievements transformation, high-end talent training and other aspects of NMS, which also means that NMS will once again achieve the upgrading of talents. NMS post-doctoral scientific research station will continue deepening its cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, strive to attract more high-quality and cutting-edge innovative talents, accelerate the promotion of key core technology research and transformation of scientific research achievements, further enhance the scientific research and technological innovation ability and competitiveness, and continue to make greater contributions to social development.

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