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Both NMS Equipment Won the Prize!


Recently, China Building Material Machinery Association has announced the award winning projects of the 16th National Building Material Machinery Technical Innovation Award of “Lijun Cup” of 2022. Among them, HPF2060 grizzly vibration feeder developed by Nanchang Mineral System Co., Ltd. (NMS) won the first prize for technology development, and 2MOS3675 dual axis self-synchronous elliptical vibration screen won the second prize.

HPF2060 grizzly vibration feeder

With high integration of resources by the country, the traditional grizzly feeder with low processing capacity, large maintenance, high energy consumption and inability to adjust the equipment capacity according to the production situation has gradually failed to meet the needs of large stone and mining projects. Although the imported one has excellent performance, its high price is prohibitive.

Based on this, NMS fully summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of various types of feeders home and abroad, and has developed a large heavy vibration feeder – HPF2060. After many improvements and upgrades, it ensures that HPF2060 grizzly vibration feeder has large processing capacity, high efficiency, energy saving, and stable performance, and meets customer’s demand for feeding equipment with large processing capacity.

Equipment applied in 2000t/h iron ore project

Features of HPF2060 grizzly vibration feeder:

Through simulation analysis and verification, the cross stiffening beam structure (patent No.: ZL20182205114.5) is innovatively designed, which greatly increases the strength of feeder trough, has strong impact resistance, and can adapt to various materials.

In combination with the features of heavy plate feeder and grizzly feeder, the equipment provides uniform feeding under heavy load, and at the same time, pre-screens the materials, and optimizes the design for sticky and wet materials, effectively reducing material jam and blocking (patent No.: ZL202121062609.3, ZL 202121274120.2). The customer can also choose screen frame structure for the feeder to precisely screen the waste materials and soil (patent No.: ZL20212053963.9).

The unique gear oil chamber and bearing oil chamber are designed to isolate each other, so that the bearing lubricating oil can be kept highly clean for a long time to ensure the effect, effectively reduce the failure rate of the feeder and reduce time for maintenance.

The feeder has wide applicability. Through the optimized design of the supporting structure (patent No.: ZL202023197942.3), combined with the frequency conversion control cabinet, it can freely adjust various vibration parameters to meet the needs of various materials and working conditions.

2MOS3675 dual axis self-synchronous elliptical vibration screen

In order to meet the market demand and change the current situation that the elliptical screen cannot be large-scale, NMS has successfully broken through the large-scale barrier of the elliptical screen after long-term research, and has developed a large dual axis self-synchronous elliptical vibration screen 2MOS3675 with a width of 3.6 meters and a length of 7.5 meters. It changes the traditional gear forced elliptical screen structure, adopts advanced self-synchronous technology to strengthen forced synchronization, and the host power reaches 112kW. It has large output, high screening efficiency, high automation, stable operation, low failure rate, etc.

The technologically advanced 2MOS3675 dual axis self-synchronous elliptical vibration screen has obtained a utility model patent (patent No.: ZL201821433140.8), and the application for invention patent has been accepted (patent NO.: ZL201811022620. X). In addition, the industry standard JB/T 14340-2021 dual axis self-synchronous elliptical vibration screen drafted by NMS has been implemented since April this year.

Equipment applied in 4000t/h sandstone project

Equipment applied in 300t/h gold ore project

Features of dual axis self-synchronous elliptical vibration screen

The vibration structure of the main body of the equipment is optimized, the vibration intensity reaches 5G, the material layering effect is good, and the screening efficiency and processing capacity are greatly improved.

Large receiving hopper is adopted, which can quickly equalize the distribution flow, effectively provide the utilization rate of screening area, and the large layer spacing between upper and lower screens is convenient for maintenance.

Three groups of same model vibrators are used for excitation unit. The upper and lower excitation sources operate in reverse to realize self-synchronous and forced synchronization.

Combined with equal thickness screening principle and elliptical motion track, the screen surface is arranged according to the equal thickness screening principle, and the screen surface inclination angle is arranged in multiple sections along with the material movement direction, which can quickly equalize the material and improve the screening efficiency by 5%; the highly efficient elliptical motion track with the ratio of long axis to short axis of 1:3 is conducive to material conveying and screening, which increases the processing capacity by 20%.

This time, two NMS major equipment wins the award and wins the authoritative recognition of the industry again. It is inseparable from correct guidance of the enterprise’s development concept of innovation driven and market demand oriented. Next, NMS will continue consolidating its technical strength, promoting product upgrading, enhancing its market competitiveness, and meet the diversified needs of customers with high-quality products and professional service.

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