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Go Forward with Intelligent Manufacturing! NMS Intelligent Manufacturing MOM Project was Launched Officially


In order to accelerate digital transformation and improve operation and management the efficiency, NMS launched the intelligent manufacturing MOM project on February 14. It marks that NMS will join hands with SINOMACH Intelligent Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (SINO MITI) to jointly promote intelligent manufacturing transformation of NMS and add digital support to NMS. Gao Yunpeng, General Manager of SINO MITI, Wang Tao, Deputy Chief Engineer, Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS, and Gong Youliang, President, attended the project kick-off meeting. 

Overall planning and blueprint

NMS has formulated its overall plan for intelligent manufacturing based on the 14th Five-Year Plan, in which the blueprint and construction path for the improvement of intelligent manufacturing capacity are detailed. According to the plan, NMS has completed the design of information system integration architecture and the upgrade of ERP system in the early stage, laying a good foundation for the construction of MOM. The MOM project was launched at the right time and played a connecting role in promoting the integration, systematization and integration of NMS intelligent manufacturing.

Solve the problem and seize the chance

NMS MOM (Manufacturing Operation Management) platform is the core management platform of intelligent factory and the platform carrier to realize the integration and interconnection of various professional industrial software. It is mainly composed of basic data management, process procedure management, operation planning and scheduling, material and distribution management, site management, visual board, statistical analysis and other functions.  

The establishment of NMS MOM Project will rely on the independent and controllable “iMOM Intelligent Manufacturing Operation Management Platform” of SINO MITI, aiming at enterprise problem, promoting the implementation from process optimization, basic management improvement, site management improvement, information system construction, and related system integration optimization. 

The project is committed to creating the brain and center of intelligent factory, which will open up the information transmission between customer needs and workshop site operations, establish a data-driven flexible production system, and improve the balance and synergy of manufacturing operations; realize the direct connection of drawings and processes to the site, and form a solution mechanism for on-site abnormal problems to improve the timeliness and enforceability of manufacturing operations; realize the combination of digital system and lean management, focus on the optimization and integration of production factors such as people, machine, material, method and measurement, and enhance transparency and lean of manufacturing operations.

Go all out to build the intelligent factory

Gao Yunpeng, General Manager of SINO MITI, pointed out in his speech that NMS was a leading enterprise of crushing and screening equipment and solutions, a typical representative of heavy equipment manufacturing, a practitioner of intelligent manufacturing, and a strategic partner of SINO MITI. The two sides had carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with the top-level design of intelligent manufacturing consulting planning as a good opportunity for cooperation. The launch of this MOM platform project marked a new stage of mutual trust and cooperation between the two sides.

Gao Yunpeng, General Manager of Sino MITI

The project team would follow the concept of transformation, system and value orientation, go all out, implement in strict accordance with the content of the plan, give full play to its own strengths, combine the advanced manufacturing mode and best practices in the iMOM platform with the actual production management characteristics of NMS, create a fully applicable digital intelligent manufacturing solution for NMS, do a good job in the project, and create a model for cooperation between the two sides again.  

Li Shunshan, Chairman of NMS

Chairman Li said that the establishment of intelligent manufacturing was the only way for NMS to become an international well-known brand, and it was a must to be done, which was of great significance for NMS to maintain its long-term competitiveness in the fierce market competition. We hoped that everyone would have a deep understanding of the nature and urgency of project establishment, adapt to the reform measures with ideas, clarify the objectives, do a good job in the project implementation process, participate in the systematic management, comprehensively improve the information management ability of the production and manufacturing of enterprise workshops of the, realize digital production, and strive to become a benchmark in the digital transformation of the industry.

Define responsibilities to ensure project implementation

NMS fully trusted the professionalism and technical strength of project team. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, President Gong Youliang served as the project leader personally. In the next step, NMS will put more energy and define the responsible person of each business department to fully support the project promotion. The responsible of all business departments also said that they would resolutely implement the project plan, do their own work well, cooperate with the project implementation and ensure the successful implementation of the project in accordance with rapid response, timely communication and good service.

Responsible of related NMS MOM were signing a letter of commitment

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